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Thursday, February 27, 2020

"Craft must balance with weight of idea and ease. " -tw

  • "Craft must balance with weight of idea and ease. " -tw
    this afternoons writing sessions, first true radical doozy
  • Barry Thomas Craft is the last resort of the artist
    • Wells Tao oh no, not this again. That polarity is out of wack for me. No one gets past craft. It's how you do it. But craft can become unbalanced in the scheme of things, when it dominates, it becomes in my experience and opinion, clunky. A bit not quite there yet. Take for example the average effort that goes into constructing your basic warehouse pre stretched canvas, Shit but will get the job done for long enough. Now how long is that, who knows, could be centuries, but no! The way "artists" craft their stretchers, their frames, is to me, the equivalent to an engineer building an air plane. Now I like airplanes, to a point, but there is simply no need for a painting frame to be like this or anything like the warehouses either, at all.

      Theoretically and in terms of engineering. Physics, material economy (expressions of a wealth that all have access to, in my case taken common wealth), ratio of quality of gesture to time it took to produce. Where by being the least cost, for most effect being the highest rewarded. This effort in a 'frame' for me, is precisely engaged with in my works, socks, pillow cases bed sheets.

      That till now has gone unsaid, but there I said it (no point in waiting around for some one to notice, what's self seeding anyway?) And all those discussion about abstract minimalist art provera art keep passing me by, or I'm not invited or I just don't know where they are happening in a way that I want or know how to participate, mirror the codes. But not to complain. This is more of an advertisement. For those that get what I'm saying and want to push back with me, contact and buy my propaganda. Useful for one on one discussions, or groups, key demographic styling and current trend analysis key point indexed and invest able.

      All that work for a frame, can cancel specific works, a lot of works. Cause I know I can do it faster, more efficiently, and cheaper with more effect all round. More meaning, value, amount being offered. Is there. For the taking. I'm making value. You can participate in it's value. Art's so weird that way, how it is money, it makes it self into money. For the exchange, but really it says, here this idea lives. Crystallizes, and those that don't, aren't yet, won't. -tw