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Thursday, November 23, 2017

Dear Roger - "See nothing" Group Show. Percy Thompson Gallery, Stratford, December 2017

 Dear Roger
my show
my work for your
show is, grab
Any spare sheets,
towels, pillow cases or
spare socks and stretch
as tight as possible over
a variety of sympathetic
wooden frames made or
appropriated. Then arrange as

Title: The second hand apocalypse rises to meet you.

Bonus option: Print image and email, paste to sheet with personal lubricant.

24th November, 2017

Roger Morris, you are incredibly difficult to make sense of, no doubt I have been equally opaque.

I thought you wanted a conversation.

You asked for an art work from me for your "political art' show. I gave you one.
You then gave me the impression that you didn't like the work.
You then said that you wouldn't 'do the work'.
I then removed the initially proposed work and replaced it with the new product, collaborated on. The presentation of my inclusion in the art show "See nothing", in the advertising of the show. But for there to be no trace of my participation in the gallery. Other than the advertisement of my inclusion.
Thank you for that work.

I think it is good.
Now we are done.
This will be published with or without your participation.
I appreciate your participation.
Love you Roger.
Take care

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