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Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Tao Wells - Radio interview - 2018

It's not cost effective to spread Joy... 

If you don't know how to spend your wealth; well, I'm sorry, you need help. 

And it's clear looking around. Too many miserable people, too many hungry people. Too many homeless people, too many environmental catastrophes. 

Our water is not good enough and we are setting ourselves up for; what? "We're gonna build a wall around NZ!" As the waters rise. Is that going to be a WINZ initiative? "We're going to build a wall"... 

 - Wells Tao


Link to radio interview



Sunday, April 1, 2018

Easier - Launch Pic's

A medal, for the survivors of capitalism's war on poverty, where the poor are killed.
Costume Jewellery 2018

Nick Austin

Saskia Leek
Chris Schmelz

A View To A Kill - video  - 2001

- Easier -
Magazine available HERE
$12 plus postage

Friday, March 23, 2018

Easier - Tao Wells - Publication Launch - Dunedin

The Director of the Govett-Brewster Art Gallery, Simon Rees, is pleased to invite you to the launch of our latest artist’s publication Tao Wells: EASIER.

Wednesday 28 March, 6.00pm
Blue Oyster Art Project Space
16 Dowling Street
Free to attend, all welcome.

EASIER records Tao Wells' [mis]adventures in the art world from the late-1980s until today as he’s tilted at various art-system windmills with critical and black humorous effect. It includes new writing by author, critic, and filmmaker Chris Kraus (whose book I Love Dick [1997] has been made into a cult hit television series). And is designed by Carla Schollum of White Fungus renown.

EASIER publication is produced as an extension of the Govett-Brewster’s long-standing commitment to the extended family of artists who hail from Taranaki – of which Tao Wells is a member. Join us for drinks and nibbles in celebration of these ties.

Thanks to Govett-Brewster Art Gallery partner Villa Maria Estate for their hospitality support and to Blue Oyster Art Project Space for hosting the event.

Publications will be available at the event (cash only), at the Govett-Brewster Shop or at for $12.00.

- Easier -
Magazine available HERE
$12 plus postage