I've been cannonised, finally. Though I couldn't disagree more with the reviewer. I am not in the margins, I'm %100 mainstream as an artist. Everyone gets me. No fancy fluting words needed to be convinced neither. It's almost like the work is doing All the work, with out an artwriters translation needed at all. Nuts. What do you know. .... far from me to say, eh. Not even really allowed, really, but they do. All the time. It's like it is how it is done. It's a deal. Between those that want to write the scripts and those that want to play a part. There are a lot of those relationships, they dominate and don't let in a whole lot of new faces. But here I am, slipped past, the net, sow eating its young, and found a champion!

It's a book, called Social Practices, by Chris Kraus , international art journalist, and I am in it. Me in the form of a performance I did. Called the Beneficiary's Office. Eight years ago. How many contemporary NZ art works, let alone international ones, are called up, called back due to popular demand, eight years later, eight years after it happened ( aw heaps man!). The memory being so fresh, so sharp, so cutting, so right now. So epic and necessary, it had to be seen again to be believed. And now here it is. Eight years later and the work's signal, has bounced around and around, ended up here. Couldn't be prouder. Pinch myself. Screw up my face and look at the screen meaningfully, missing. Wild dreams stuff. Lost for words
Laura Shepard

Laura Shepard Koia kei a koe :-)


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Wells Tao

Wells Tao arohanui ki a koe:)

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Erica Duthie

Erica Duthie Well done Wells Tao!! They baited a live one when you got accepted in to Ilam- right glads about it too x


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Steve Austin

Steve Austin Do we have to call you Saint Tao now?