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Tuesday, September 7, 2021

My homage to ever young Billy Apple


My homage to ever young Billy Apple. I'll miss his lisping glib wit. He was wonderfully present and I know a comment he once made influenced me greatly, built up like a snow ball avalanche over the years. He was telling me his horror of Art Teachers, University Tutors thinking they were artists, being called artists. He was insisting that an artist was really only an artist if they were 100% committed to the role. Like him. This sounded extreme to me, un-compassionate, not realistic, but what I heard eventually was the way the job of an artist, is different than the roles that are used to maintain the industry of art. What is that difference? Well, I've spent the last decade trying to articulate the way public funding hides it's democratic responsibilities to collect capitalist rewards, the way Democratic funding is hidden by capitalists within the system. It's an area that I understand no one wants to go into as entry automatically terminates your access to the goody cart. But hey, I'm an artist, I have a role, I have my work to do, liked or disliked. eh 
I always enjoy seeing your work Billy, it's freshness and "new ground', your fearless willingness to commodity yourself as leadership, always irritate and inspire me to re articulate another direction for "new ground'. Nice work
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  • An honest capitalist dealer I always thought

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  • Wells Tao
    I don't recall a single work or utterance of his use of the word Capitalist. Doing so when mean as I said before biting the hand that feeds, losing access and not being bought, by capitalists, who don't like to be seen, named, made to exist. So yeah, not my version of honest, but if you mean overt practitioner invisible in the mainstream, yeah sure.