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Saturday, January 31, 2015


Brother and sister
older now, old
staring at their parents
grave wondering what
it was that they had
that they feel
that they don't

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part 1.

A guilt trip to accompany the 'abuse' of machines or a re-presentation of the deep fear a few have for a woman's ability to reproduce. Alice in Wonderland, is part of the control matrix. Setting parameters for decisions that carefully change nothing. Always invent a third and fourth option than the ones given, include "see what happens". That little girl at the end, the last to escape, the last so called 'exile" from the matrix, and by "escaping" she plugs the hole, no more escaping, she always worked for them, she is one of them to manage the power supply lines, where all children work!

With a feeling of dissatisfaction that  Dot Com and other small time players are being prosecuted by Warner Bros. and others for doing what youtube does 24/7, I have down loaded the Matrix Trilogy from youtube, and edited out all the shit bits. Subjective, but I felt the story labored under a great deal of added bullshit, that I desired to see removed, while still paying respectful homage to the film and it's form. 

I added no new scenes. I didn't change the order of the shots. I only changed the length of a shot. or removed a shot entirely. Sorry for the audio glitches they were beyond my imovie 6's ability to fix.

Matrix 1: 386 cuts, -20 minutes + credits cut (approx).
Matrix 2: 324 cuts, -15 minutes + credits cut (approx).
Matrix 3: 209 cuts, -65 minutes + credits cut (approx).

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plus with the Matrix thing, it was the last film that for me really tackled in a major creative way metaphysical philosophy, and articulate it's limitations and narrative loops, and fissures. Ultimately exposing holes.

This  idea that the human ‘superman’ is manifest when unconscious, when at some high level of unconscious behavior trained by habit, the human will make something happen effortlessly that is understood to be very wonderful. The Artist, the athlete, the scientist. The factory worker asleep at the wheel.

I have somewhat attempted to resist this thought. I have tried instead to embed conscious thought into the behavior trained by habit. I have tried to become very aware, very conscious about what is exactly the work that I do. What is its effect. Then asking of work, what is it? (Which is your 'art of" as oppose to "what is art"? mainframe).  So what happens is through the will being conscious of the effort that it takes to reach something understood to be wonderful, that something wonderful becomes a real commodity. A type of anti commodity in conventional terms.

Simultaneously I have embraced the unconscious in terms of the wider order of things that this act of work takes place, in terms of the sequence of the arrange accumulation of said commodities and the pattern correlated translated as meaning. The event of larger pattern gathering contributes to a line of thought unseen by my particular time and place. Meaning I accept that I can only know so much, that I can not know exactly how I am contributing towards the future. So to this future self I ask  to be reviewed. To have my order made conscious. It is this order that I intend to make wonderful, by seeing it, seeing it’s pattern, and in seeing it begin to take control of it’s shape and direction. Ultimately I feel that I am trying to collapse the Descartes /Kants notion of dualities, and re-connect the unconscious to a sense of knowing. It is this 'suspended' feeling that I think has enabled us to develop language, but that now being language we will lose our body. This may have already happened. As I said I don't know our future self, but it feels like there should be room for both strands to co exist. Not one or the other.

Abstract Materialism

In reflection, the matrix philosophy to me,  is too caught up with its own material manifest, which has distracted from a bigger picture. I try to extract the now into these long tales that supposedly describe and certainly try to convince that life and death are bookends.  I'd like to engage with a pattern that doesn't see a big difference between life and death, doesn't judge those in polar opposites, moves from there... immortality, enlightenment , incorporation of some part of ourselves that becomes taken up into the all...  this is seen as an end goal, but I'm thinking it is inevitable, unavoidable. Not really a goal, a creation of conscious will, fused with the unconscious in a manifestation of a harmony that of course exists, in fact, is used as a stepping stone to go somewhere else. Like how wars are bonds between people seeking love being led in the means of that contact by another system that seeks to live 'off' that bonds severe manipulation. The problem of not seeing this 'off,' this alienation as a spiritual state, of actually wanting real change but there being the existence of real systems that simply will not enable change as that is not it's language. Change we are capable of, but are unable to render because of the way in which the problem is written and defined in the language that only makes the system that we wish to change stronger.

The training programs that they use are as good as the machines.

Dozen kids, the other ‘tryouts’ with powers of manipulating matter, one black child having the ability to read chinese? What happened to these guys, did an army of children fighting the machine run as bad taste to these people?

Dozer saves the day by only being wounded by Cypher and killing him. But in the next to movies he doesn’t appear and is said to be dead? What, oh he asked to renegotiate his contract and was booted off the film.
Pre war orgies,

Trinity was pregnent with Neo’s baby

Dreams and being in the matrix are difficult to tell apart.

“What is control, if we wanted we could smash it to bits.”

There is no spoon, but there is a knife, that is about to kill Neo, who is saved by a spoon being delivered.

Neo seems unable to figure out how others influence him, and his desire for sugar is a total mystery.

The oracle knows what Neo is going to do, but wants to know why he makes the decisions he does. “ We can never see past the choices we don’t understand. Which means the oracle never knows what Neo is going to do. But by setting his choices, doesn't need to know. Knowing is simply a lusty treat.

Because of you (rebel reality terrorist, Neo) I am free, (mainstream dream super bad guy) some part of you must have rubbed off, copied, I don’t know how it happened, but you can feel our connection, all I know is that i thought I knew the rules, but I didn’t, I couldn’t you broke them,  I was compelled to stay, I was compelled to disobey. I am no longer working for the system. What matters is what happened was done for a reason, as you know appearances can be deceiving, the reason why we are here is because we are not free, there is no escaping reason, no denying purpose, for with out purpose we would not exist. Purpose that creates us, connects us, pulls, guides, drives, defines, binds us. We are here because of you, we are here to take from you what you tried to take from us, purpose (the connection).
Free Smith, wants to turn Free Neo into a copy of himself. Destroying his own purpose for existing, which is to fight Neo. Which would create another Neo, giving him purpose again. I’m not free because I have a purpose, i can’t destroy my purpose even though my purpose is to destroy my purpose, if I destroy my purpose I destroy myself. But if I destroy myself destroying my purpose i may evolve into something else.
Somethings never change, and something do. Do you know what, which? Eat, Drink for the same of contrived appearances, no longer central to existing, but habit maintained as a convenient language and a chosen style.

Manchevelian, the only rebel in the system, “if we don’t take time, how can one ever have time”. The ultimate capitalist, “I am a trafficker of information I know everything there is, the question is do you?” To participate is to become his. “To be looking for him (the key maker) is a means not an end to do what?” You don’t know the answer because you were sent here, you obeyed, you don’t know, I know because of cause and effect, the only universal real truth, causality, choice is an illusion created by those with power and those with out. WHICH IS TO SAY THERE IS NO LOSS OF POWER UNLESS YOUARE TRICKED OUT OF IT< THERE IS ALWAYS ACTION> REACTION. The why and the reason can be tricked into disappearing, and all is left is the feeling of Power, in control or out of control, caused or responded. Underneath appearances, we fight to deny it but it is pretense it is a lie, we are more often than not,  out of our own control and submit to our feeling, connection to power. Knowing why, understanding this connection is subjective and separates me from you. WHY IS THE ONLY SENSE OF POWER, WITH OUT WHY YOU ARE POWERLESS, and are simply a link in the chain of cause of effect.

The Manchevelian was once a Neo, but graduated into gangster because of his relationship with Persephone, queen of Corn, the underworld and the mother of Dionysus,  who he loved. To perpetuate the rebel reflex reaction of Neo she desires to simulate her own experience through him, to re approach memories safely, from a distance, detached, where she is in control, applying them to her self like emotional stickers, patches over a rage that describes a change that she can not control. For it to deliver the hit, of pleasure it has to “feel real” make her, her senses “believe it is real”, over ride her knowledge that it isn’t. She knows it can not last, is not designed to, and yet she can not help wanting it, wanting more, again and again, over and over. The drama is re created, theater to stimulate then ride and control feelings.

the fact that the rebels have EMP’s lots of them, and that these completely destroy their enemy the machines, and that no matter how many machines are sent, 10, 20, a thousand, two hundred and fifty thousand, a million, what ever. All the rebels have to do is use their EMP’s wisely and they win, as they have obviously been doing for the last “one hundred year’. But for some reason the big plan is to try and kill each machine with shooting it with a metal bullet shot out of guns held by just a few of them. Amazing plan. They only have a few ships with the EMP weapons on board but none of them seem to carry the ability to recharge after the EMP blast shuts down their electrics. Amazing. Amazing plan to fly a ship back to the last human city and use the EMP blast in a kamakazi gesture, making sure that the bullet defense joke is wiped out preparing them for the final show down, a bunch of rats in a hole, being shot at. As military strategy goes it’s not much. Don’t you love how the anti hippy military man goes to pray at the goddess of mercy when all the shit hits the fan and his ego is finally fried the way this whole war was designed by him to do, he sends out his code breaking trajectory out of his body like a forbidden seed, of seamen soiling sinning catching flame and bursting into a holy beam of light that was his soul finally used, set free from the cage of iron military construct to hold their love.

As Trin  lay dying, and Neo blind but able to see energy as light, why can’t Neo see Trinity, why can he not se her light, fading as it must be, he could not see her at all, he had to follow the sound of her voice, and feel for her with his hands. Though he would do anything, risk his own life, risk the immediate destruction of every single individual living being on the planet for her, when she dies, he calmly moves off to save the very people he had previously ignored the importance of, and openly risked the total destruction of. He did this of course because he knew that the Architect, the enemy control was lying. That he did not possess the answer for he was the answer and the question. It was his miracle of existence that was attempting to be understood, and it took the total simulation and actuation of death to illuminate the entire subject from behind, like the outline of a shadow puppet, into the darkness shapes are imagined within the silhouette that are not there, but are there enough.

In my edit Neo, and Mr Anderson merge as one in the mind of the rebel software that was threatening to shut down the human and the machine worlds. By merging the rebel software gained his morality, his honor and no longer felt spiteful, accepted the ‘others’ purpose as not hostile but indeed co operative, despite appearances. The programs cry of “oracle” revealed to be a simulation of future telling, where complete control enables predetermined outcomes, faking seeing the future. But ensuring that things run smoothly, that humans are still sucked like batteries, by now two artificial frankesteins, who are in no way comparable to the elegant original Mary Shelly’s Frankestein story, a creature of, enormous size, superior intellect, strength, grace, adaptability, agility and survivability. A creature whose weakness was human, who killed himself and those who had touched his heart for a cruelty received that broke his massive heart.

Friday, January 30, 2015

yeah but what if the silence from the powerful Left, 25 years of state paid university artists that don't promote their fragile public sponsorship, guarantees an erosion in public trust and a vacuum of power that is the culture of fear and hysteria?

It was when I started to practice core democratic behavior (as an experiment, to see, reflect the assumed system and see what was actually there), not as special one off events, but brutally consistent participation in what was going on and questioning critiquing and protesting against abuses of power all the time, everyday as simply a normal way of existing. Under a truly democratic context. As a reasonable, logical extension of my self, my bought and sold, debt slaved, work tested, political self. That it was made very very clear to me that I was not only wrong to do so, but in the wrong environment.

Monday, January 26, 2015

A reasonably gentle New Zealand Sovereignty discussion, Jan 2015

Yet she lead the charge to entrench inequity and confiscate lands and rights of Maori !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ‪#‎takutaimoanaact‬ - Annette Sykes and so much more!!!

Alec Hogg talks to the head of the UNDP in Davos about how feelings of exclusion, not poverty, is the root cause of the volatile new global context|By Alec Hogg
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  • Ahmed Tarek Bahgat Abaza it's not reasonable for one ethnic group to own the sea bed and foreshore
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    • Wells Tao especially since Maori never sold it
    • Ahmed Tarek Bahgat Abaza we live in a diverse nation state now ...the Maori didn't have the same sort of system.. but they now partake in it.. i'm all for compensating Maori as appropriate but i think it's a stretch to claim that present day Maori own this much land to the exclusion of the rest of the population
    • Wells Tao It's possible a stretch if you don't know or understand what is involved. How's your knowledge? As for fears of exclusion, those are your own. Anyone can learn Te Reo.
    • Ahmed Tarek Bahgat Abaza learning the language doesn't make u part of the ethnic group... my knowledge is modest but i get why a prime minister would take this move
    • Wells Tao Doesn't make you part of an ethnic group but does give you profound insight into that culture no?
    • Ahmed Tarek Bahgat Abaza yes but insight has nothing to do with land ownership
    • Wells Tao you speak of ownership, that is a word in a language, if we were speaking Te Reo, we would use different words, with very different meanings.
    • Ahmed Tarek Bahgat Abaza that is a good point.. their ideas of sovereignty and ownership differ.. yet they are now using English to claim the seabed and foreshore in the context of a diverse nation state ...they should be compensated about the misunderstanding or deception that took place involving ceding sovereignty to the Crown... but the facts on the ground simply prohibit that sovereignty be removed from the Crown now.. even Maori never ask for this...the Prime Minister made an understandable move in light of contemporary circumstances...where it was no longer reasonable to consider the seabed and foreshore as attached to one ethnicity among many that now live here
    • Quinn Wilkins The birds and lizards living in NZ never sold the land to humans, so we should give it all back. Foreshore, seabed, land and atmosphere all belong to the huhu beetle.
    • Luc Lignieres In my opinion the land rivers creeks shore lines and sea beds should belong to the nation not to the crown & not to the government how will just transfer exploitation rights to multinationals for profit , removing the people both Maori and the entire population from the equation ..
    • Ahmed Tarek Bahgat Abaza the Crown is just the traditional name ....something belonging to the Crown means it belongs to the nation as a whole
    • Quinn Wilkins The Crown is supposed to be the nation... Are you suggesting creating a non-governmental national body?
    • Wells Tao "but the facts on the ground simply prohibit that sovereignty be removed from the Crown now.. even Maori never ask for this.." I think you'll find that this is a rather large point of contention. Are you aware of the Waitangi Tribunals recent assertion around the myth of Maori ceding sovereignty? As for your assertion that "it was no longer reasonable to consider the seabed and foreshore as attached to one ethnicity among many" It might be suggested that from a Maori perspective, Pakeha are ONE ethnicity and they dominate ownership without the right to do so. Your logic is a tad screwed.
    • Wells Tao Quinn, exceptions to a rule, reinforce the rule. The logic is right, you apply it where you can.
    • Ahmed Tarek Bahgat Abaza I'm not Pakeha. but I'm a new zealand citizen. I'm one of the people that should share in the sea bed and foreshore. As far as I know it is fairly rare for Maori to question the sovereignty of the Crown despite the deception that took place with the treaty.. i suspect simply because it is not realistic
    • Wells Tao From a Treaty of Waitangi perspective, all immigrants to NZ post 1840 are Pakeha.
    • Quinn Wilkins "from a Maori perspective, Pakeha are ONE ethnicity and they dominate ownership without the right to do so" I would probably say cultural power/force rather than ethnic as really it is not just europeans but colonists and those who followed in their wake. But it doesn't seem to me that the ethnic bias is there so much as the benefits go to those who fall in line and rub the power's feet.
    • Ahmed Tarek Bahgat Abaza that's just absurd...meaningless semantics.. i'm clearly not of the same culture as what are commonly called Pakeha yet i have full citizenship and full rights
    • Ahmed Tarek Bahgat Abaza i agree that Maori didn't realize they were ceding sovereignty
    • Quinn Wilkins I think when people consider that NZ is made of only two ethnicities (Maori and non-Maori) it is the beginning of dangerous binomial thinking, so it is not meaningless semantics from my point of view.
    • Wells Tao This is a complicated issue/ area and deserves to be taken slowly and calmly. It is easy to get upset. I don't know everything, I am not an authority. I have an opinion. The ONE mentioned before was meant to be ironic, as in the ONE law for all supposedly we here in NZ love so much. But in my experience only exists for the rich.. etc etc.
    • Ahmed Tarek Bahgat Abaza well 'meaningless semantics' was probably a bad choice of phrasing given that semantics has to do with meaning lol i agree that the bicultural conception is out of date since there are now many more cultures here than Maori and Europeans
    • Ahmed Tarek Bahgat Abaza i know it's a complicated issue,.. highly complicated by historical circumstance and the contemporary situation on the ground..ideally no one would trick anyone into ceding sovereignty but that's what happened and now we have to deal with it in a reasonable way.. through compensation and acknowledgement of what happened... but not through going back to a state of affairs that existed 250 years earlier
    • Wells Tao As I understand it bi-culturalism was a Pakeha idea that relates specifically to the treaties of Waitangi's importance as a founding agreement of our present government. It undermines the true shift of power, as in a shared government that the Tiriti the crown signed, had indicated. Multi-culturalism, as practiced say in Australia, enables everything to default to English. Bi-culturalism at least empowers the equal legal standing of te reo.
    • Wells Tao This idea of a "trick" Ahmed, is not accurate in my understanding. Maori overwhelmingly voted. signed Te Tiriti (in te reo Maori), then waited for consultation to begin, for the steps to be co created, Maori took steps to protect the Tiriti and were systematically dis-empowerd by a thoroughly corrupt legal system that is still in place today (Maori are 7 times more likely to see prison for the same crime a Pakeha would not) etc etc
    • Ahmed Tarek Bahgat Abaza my understanding is that there was a problem in translation and the Maori version of the treaty used wording that doesn't imply sovereignty in the same sense the Europeans understood it
    • Wells Tao As for compensation, I read something like, South Island Iwi Ngāi Tahu were financially compensated for stolen land at .02% of what the land is currently worth. This is hardly compensation, or justice. And given that the crown in this case is the Thief, to ask the Thief to administer the justice, I can only imagine what that must feel like.
    • Ahmed Tarek Bahgat Abaza as for the social inequalities... these are analogous to the situation of many native peoples and minorities around the world ....they need to be dealt with but they have no bearing on the issue of the seabed and foreshore... as for the compensation not being appropriate.. well then we need to change that ..again no bearing on the idea that the seabed and foreshore has special status pertaining to Maori
    • Wells Tao The 'problem in translation' is mis direction myth/ spin / propaganda that serves to perpetuate an oppressive status quo. 500 signed Tiriti and imptly, so did the crown. Only 39 signed the treaty in English. A clear indication of what was supported. Only Tiriti traveled the country, the English version traveled just two places.
    • Ahmed Tarek Bahgat Abaza are u saying there was no issue in translation? because as far as i know there was in fact mistranslation
    • Wells Tao As for having "no bearing" that's not for you or I, generally to say, not being Maori.
    • Ahmed Tarek Bahgat Abaza i don't have to be Maori to express my opinion.. i'm a NZ citizen and can discuss any issue pertaining to NZ
    • Wells Tao The idea of mistranslation is simply not relevant, 39 signed the English Treaty, 500 and the Crown Signed Te Tiriti.
    • Ahmed Tarek Bahgat Abaza so ur trying to say that the maori version is more legit due to the number who signed it?
    • Ahmed Tarek Bahgat Abaza interesting....what are the consequences of that? what did the Maori version give away if anything?
    • Wells Tao The consequences as I understand it, are things like the Waitangi Tribunals ruling, that Maori never ceded sovereignty, and that this is a very much an alive and living thing, not going to disappear with money or denial. In fact the opposite, that the recognition and engagement in these issues, as you have said, are at the very core of what it means to be here, as a NZ citizen and inheritor of this relationship. As for what Maori gave away, as far as I understand it, the idea was that Pakeha would with Maori develop how to address each issue, land sales, law, etc together on a case by case basis, with Maori, and Maori culture being sovereign, i.e the last word. Somewhere I've read too that the idea was to enable Pakeha to administer control of their own and work with Maori to figure out how that would work, over all.
    • Ahmed Tarek Bahgat Abaza did they in the Maori version give the position of paramount chief to the Queen at the time?
    • Anna Marwick · Friends with Annette Sykes and 14 others
      the English version is irrelevant
    • Wells Tao Ahmed, no. Not that as I understand it, Chieftainship under the Tiriti stayed with Maori.
    • Ahmed Tarek Bahgat Abaza ok.. so what is the ruling of the Waitangi Tribunal over the issue of the current Queen being sovereign?
    • Ahmed Tarek Bahgat Abaza thanks just watched it... this is interesting.. because de facto and presumably de jure sovereignty lies with the current Queen...
    • Ahmed Tarek Bahgat Abaza what do you suggest as the right solution to the problem then?
    • Wells Tao Past this point, I don't understand what is going on. The government seems clearly to not have the legal grounds to operate in the way that it does, but instead of admitting this and facing the issue, (and the public panic that would be carefully created by sides wishing to profit) it seems they simply feel able to issue a declaration based on the same kind of delusions that saw a deputy major declare sovereignty over the whole of the South Island on the grounds that no body lived there.
    • Ahmed Tarek Bahgat Abaza as far as i know few Maori seek to remove sovereignty from the Crown.. am i correct?
    • Wells Tao Very difficult, if not impossible to say "Maori", I don't know what or how consensus is viewed on this subject as I said before, it is alive, it's up to individual engagement and positions to try and reveal themselves. I'm basically saying I haven't done any more research on this area yet.
    • Ahmed Tarek Bahgat Abaza i've never seen an example of demands to remove sovereignty from the Crown....despite what the Tribunal said... it seems to me most maori are willing to work with the Crown
    • Wells Tao I have heard of some ideas around removing sovereignty from the crown, of a separate state. This idea scares the bejesus into existing power, like the England, Scotland recent vote, the young, poor and unemployed saw a future in independence, where the establishment say no need to change.
    • Ahmed Tarek Bahgat Abaza but you must know that these views are not very common and most Maori do not go as far as demanding independence
    • Ahmed Tarek Bahgat Abaza Scotland's recent vote was not seeking to remove sovereignty from the Crown...they were gonna keep the Queen but become a separate state... similar to the position of NZ, Canada, Australia etc..
    • Sam Buchanan So far as the Seabed and Foreshore goes, even the English version of the Treaty says Maori retain "full exclusive and undisturbed possession of their Lands and Estates Forests Fisheries and other properties". Also worth noting that Maori are now quite a mix of ethnicities, legally they are simply a collective of people with ancestors from whom they have inherited certain property rights. If the state was to decide that, in the interests of everyone, land and other property should not be inherited in perpetuity, the state might have had a basis for confiscating the seabed and foreshore. But such confiscations only happen to one group of New Zealanders. The government never decides that its unfair that wealthy Canterbury farmers, for example, should own so much land, when most New Zealanders own very little.
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  • Jean E Loomis The seabed and foreshore act were passed by the government because they had plans to sell off O&G permits - they didnt want Maori having a say.