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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

porn and war movies together this hippy thinks that being down with nature and being at on ewith peace, means being down with war and being at our nature all the time we gang bang when we've down with monogamy, there just are those people who are sick of it, and need, want can do something else to get off no moral decision only plenty of defendable territory, endlessly being discovered every second but necessary to defend it not at all there is no fence for porn and war. my adherence for you your adherence for me We fed each others hatred, to get off on when we get to your side oh the thrill of the forbidden oh the sordid tail of detail, the things you did somehow be you are all the time flipping back and forth the red cross ladies the woman of the black veil, dressed in white you war woman in there with the martyrs cross in the war for the righteous soul YOU WAMNA are war omngerer with men as your ally. You and I we are one the worlds elite make porn, they are hired by the powerful paid by the powerful to carry out their fantasies, as they can carry them out It's holleywood for ever on it;s knees giving blow jobs… All the present cultures are driven that way… a big soft white are, soft thighs creamy bouncy, wet and cavernous that look s good sucking meat sucking meat is it really that bad I'm breaking own the door to my sexuality, my homosexuality in a literally way, TO be the other intellectually so I can be fucked well in the head that shits out ideas after it eats. And I eat , Rather well hief to be fucked and sucked like a drive through car wash

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

After Dark with Play boy Barbie, (1969)

After Dark with Play boy Barbie,  (1969)

Clearly a great dancer

Canned Heat - The Drink, Prohibition years, Give you a little buzz, knock off the top of your head. The real living history in swap and hill music, those living in the margins of obscurity reinventing a language to say something, the rest of us are scared of.

Great cleavage.

Hefth, loved one woman, he attempts to love another. Our culture punished him for loving more than one woman. What did the woman actually think. Were they betrayed? Would have things naturally changed and that this change itself was the source of the anxiety and condemnation.

Is it not true that Playboys first move in production was Shakespears Macbeth.

I remember it being brutal, but I suspect it wasn't bloody enough to be a success at the box office. Such restraint for high art, suggests a real appreciation for it. Where is that quality now? Underground?

Barbi Benton on Charlies Angels ('80)

Barbi Benton BIKINI

Barbi Benton (1969)

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Everyday extasy, 24/7 the necessity, access to the divine, sublime, letting go. Accepting all and being given it, in the way that thrills, Meat anonymous stick through plains of control and heirachy, volunteer vulnerable. service, serviced.

A review this week of Parekowhai's piano at Te Papa. It has an extra para near the end which I wish in hindsight hadn't been cut for the Dompost. Had an interesting conversation with Wells Tao about this this week, where he asserted it wasn't a community piano - it being a grand piano. Yet what I like about it is that its a grand piano we all own and should all get to play.

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  • Wells Tao interesting too that it only became your community piano once it was purchased by "our place" a deal so crucial it would suggest it was set up before hand. Nothing wrong with that, I admire his love for dirty deal capitalism and seamless propaganda!
  • Wells Tao There is a strong tradition of art that enjoy's smashing these "community piano's", I look forward to it.
  • Wells Tao Free market ideological radicalism, wrapped up in the guise of Democratic values, a beautifully typical corporate status quo, vision-less beyond profit and totally reliant on an invisible and silent worker whose craft is celebrated but not remunerated.
  • Mark Amery Like an iPhone
  • Wells Tao yep , nothing exceptional going on here.. just same old same old death deals with poverty.
  • Mark Amery As previously discussed: gameplayer, not gamechanger. I have been nursing a bad feeling about not making an issue of the way the crafters are not credited. That we shouldn't have t...See More
  • Mark Amery Was involved in a RNZ panel discussion on art criticism recently and the first question was something like: how does the market effect what you write about art?'. Great first question.
  • Wells Tao What I take significant issue with is a public employee that in not promoting that he is doing his job, we the public who in a very real way have paid for his "success" are left un-remunerated, silent and invisible.
  • Mark Amery Hence the need for the piano to be moved and played around as much as possible, not stashed in the garage like a ferrari. This is a far more positive action than the smashing of it, physically and symbolically. Lets demand it be well used.
  • Wells Tao you'd like the emperors clothes to be paraded around the country... fair enough how ironic
  • Wells Tao I remember an early Letting Space proposal I pitched to you was to use the money to buy a red convertible and install it in the abandoned car yard show room opposite Te Papa.
  • Mark Amery yes! ("fair enough how ironic")
  • Wells Tao Obviously I don't agree. I appreciate That this work and other of his are reverse colonization, and though they pail as objects in significance compared to say, The cutting of One tree hill, or the smashing of the America's cup. The Smashing of this Ferrari Piano would be a step towards it's assumed and promoted cultural nourishment. His "fakery" is interesting but it could be actually good if it would meet something real. His JOB is real.. if he would promote that.. instantly the context for the Ferrari, corporate uni etc.. begins to actually do something.

Friday, September 14, 2012

2011’s “bank transfer day,” when some 600,000 people abandoned big banks for small community banks or, in many cases, credit unions

Please Include Attribution to With This Graphic Big bank and Credit Union Fees Infographic

Michael Foucault. The Archaeology of Knowledge. 1972

There is the notion of 'spirit', which enables us to establish between the simultaneous or successive phenomena of a given period a community of meanings, symbolic links, an interplay of resemblance and reflexion, or which allows the sovereignty of collective consciousness to emerge as the principle of unity and explanation. We must question those ready-made syntheses, those groupings that we normally accept before any examination, those links whose validity is recognised from the outset; we must oust those forms and obscure forces by which we usually link the discourse of one man with that of another; they must be driven out from the darkness in which they reign. And instead of according them unqualified, spontaneous value, we must accept, in the name of methodological rigour, that, in the first instance, they concern only a population of dispersed events.

Weather Whether Weather

Bailter Space - Glass


I don't know what is good,
do you
can you show me good, oh you can show me good
but can you tell me what is good
i don't think so
for to tell me something is good
you must show me
how it is so
well i make the things that you show
you show my things and only then do you decide whiter it is good,
and i make the things
and you decide
that is good or bad
 my friend
you deciding
and me showing

TO Chris Kraus. On Performative Philosophy.

TO Chris Kraus.  On Performative Philosophy.

A reaction to the condensed form of psyche inequality. this sensitivity is built into the artist the inventor of sickness, and in their translation of their dance does the cure lie providing food to heal. Yes it is a tourettes.

Were you smart enough to uncover an equation for wealth in art from radical critique, or were you lured by the status quo to silence your perspective. Hmmm…….

There were so many points we missed
So many high fives full of air
we were windmills
graceful industry, a dutch wind

I can't tell which way I am suppose to read this. does that make me look fat

Dont Forget to Vote for Change

Melvins "Hooch" 2006

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

This song I dig