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Sunday, April 28, 2013

RElational Aesthetics, the inside story

Let's be clear about this, universities teach a lot of art and not all of the students are stupid. It was perfectly clear to any one with half a self taught education that Warhols heir, in fact Duchamps match, was Bueys. His formula was the most daring since it involved the economics of art, something Duchamp started and Beuys as i said. This left racial dicrimination to be a liquid characteristic equal to any paint name, put another way the gallery was now hostile to Art ad Artists who practiced with an awareness of Beuys wholeistic economic models for art. To be in a Gallery. living undead, symbol of Western platonic imperialism,  was to draw attention to your market difference, and here minorities, the once artist, no  more is given currency. See it as the crack inthe glass that lets out smoke, this act was defiant, making thai noodles ad sharing that with an invited audience was radical because it was like real life in a way we don't like, we don't want difference. This scares us. SO the very smug familarity of Relatioinal aesthitc projects should wrn you that this is trying to choak you with the bile of a blocked system. Those that use this strategy, curators, advertisers, Politicans are asked to stand under examination for the ability to seem relatively bullshit free, ego is checked ad if a speck of self servingness crosses and tips the line, the show , the project, what ever is a total wreck, not an art work. Less than an art work, the scraps of Hanna Hochs collages.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

NEW YORK Income Inequality, Mapped By Subway Stop

New York’s Public Transit Union Members Hand Out “Bloody” Metro(death)Cards By Aymann Ismail
created for the New Yorker by designer Larry Buchanan, illustrates New York City’s wealth disparities by plotting median household income against every subway stop in the city. Each train line is displayed individually, making it very easy to see the close relationship between geography and money. Witness the immense dropoff between Grand Street and Montrose Avenue on the L, for example, which jumps right back up at Morgan Avenue, or the income spike in Manhattan on every single line.

lifted from:

Interpol - Take you on a cruise

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

When we’re laughing at you…

Saturday’s DomPost Diary (not on-line) reports :
When actress Chelsie Preston Crayford spotted Prime Minister John Key at a recent event, she leapt at the opportunity to get a photo with him – not because she’s a fan. Preston Crayford recalls: “I just saw an opportunity and asked him for a photo. In fact I had to ask him for it twice because the first time mum (film-maker Gaylene Preston) had her finger over the lens. Preston Crayford told your Diarists that there was a political motive to the snap in that she felt it summed up her objections to the National-led Government’s partial sales of state assets and amendments to the food bill.
Good on her for showing what many others feel."

 story lifted completely with a slight change of the headline from : The Standard 

I'm not stupid

Kaihono Ahua / Vision Mixer. Pakeha primivitists & Maori modernists

100% LInen Tea Towel, Domestic Art Product & Cameron Mckechnie

"Yeah but nah" - Pretty much kiwi slang!
can always keep adding that too the power
have someone else do it on some one else's behave and add a person each iteration like an art chain letter
should be physical I believe and in person as well
The digital art worlds mana is different from real world mana that is for sure
well watch that you don't appreciate your audience... cartoon guys say that a lot.. makes me wonder if they notice people like them
well that is top down I suppose
bottom up is another story
since we are containers of experience and recycled experience
I like to focus on the basics and work from the bottom up
of course, me too
and also its important too intellectualize some times, especially coding / math but not to forget it as an emotional experience as well, obviously internalised
we seek patterns
and for a while now I have a thesis of the human brain works by generating a hudge amount of randomness
(hence the statistical effect of witnessing the marble board and its not a complete statistical curve in the catch tray)
and it is used to encoded our experiences
so we seek order being encrypted with chaos
and it is also the most difficult thing to create
true randomness is an expensive mathematical calculation
and givin a set of options, the one most likely too be simulated by a small program is always an optimal solution, hypothetically saying
as a get for authenticity of the human soul outside the illusion of memory
well seeking "an authentic living experience" for another wording

Saturday, April 20, 2013

No longer white - Red yellow pink blue and tan, peach a tint of green, Brown

It is a call for all of us to engage with the most far out conspiracy theorist information possible, if you agree with free speach, and equality in an actual democracy, information must be engaged with and sorted by us all because of who says it. US

I think it is impt. to consider all public internet interaction as that of the conscious two year old with a hammer.. it is instant cause and response on an emotion level.. testing things out.. extracting emotions before they are processed... what is recorded as comments and other formats I don't believe should be taken at face value. but seen in the context of a psyche working through stages of coming into being with the said information.

Monday, April 15, 2013

"A show for my friends“ Tao Wells at the Aaron Laurence Gallery, My first Comercial Dealer show.

Aggressive Narcissism

Byron the Bulb
Title: Free

Horizon + Horizon

tape plane

a volumes relation to the void

she knows

Performance still from Boarder Decision
Cricket Bat

I saw it too

I saw Tao standing in a T-shirt that said 'sale' (which is french for 'filthy', I think), outside Aaronlawrence, shouting something about a branding exercise. Lured by the sense if not the understanding of this pretext, I went inside. At first, I was captivated by the plumbing, but then I spotted the exhibition, the leering red Freud-face before me, his mephistophelian beard unmistakeable in this, the last of ten paintings, begun with off-sick yellowbrowns and moving through a series by which Tao had sought a slowly surer form and arrived at this, undoubtedly Freud, peering like some intricate joke from the redness (which yet retained some of its unfirmness). I laughed and said that I enjoyed art with a sense of humour, but Tao seemed bemused. It was, I suppose, late in the day.

Woodwork on the floor never really seduces me, but the Maratrushka plastic bag ensemble wired to a blackboard seemed to pretty well summarise something unspeakable about the availablity of education to the masses, reminding me of an immage I once had of the Otago university commerce department as an immense, three-year under-sea tunnel from which, once you emerge, you grab a handful of appropriate bullet-pointed pamphlets ...

I'm sorry that my memory is fading now. I remember the teen magazines pasted to inclined boards, and ... oh yes! The layered monopoly universe. Brilliant. But the small flaps he'd cut into the boards, so that one might move from one to the other (from Mayfair, of course), were shut. The possibility of transendance thus removed.

Why Tao, why?

personally and this may seem a little flippant but I wouldn't care if North Korea takes us all out in a nuclear war, it's not like they've got a monopoly on fucked upness, specially as they have their technology because of American foresight. Fuck it if we're going to go then let it be the little guy throwing a pebble to find the weight of the Invisible Empire bearing down on it's puny being. Did anyone catch what the title of this scene was being called, you know like Operation Desert Storm... I really wana know.. carve it into some granite rock somewhere, let people know how clever we felt.. picking sides...

Bradley Manning has been in prison for almost 3 years for having done the right thing. He exposed war crimes and he revealed the truth of the war. Free Bradley Manning!