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Friday, July 29, 2011

Globalist Nerds Love To Kill!

the Exqusite Pleasure of Extasy, Or the doing very well at living.

First, set up the living as an arrangment that you the orcestra and the conductor are happy with.
Let the pieces once securely entrusted with the life they can give, safely, Push on through to the other side, of course take your time, smell the sights, eat the scenery etc, Send forth out some news of your adventures in travelling. Dont be too shy, be genersou with yu knowledge and that this has not been the first time, no need to be coy or bash ful, except for the coy and bashful, Yes the Exqusite extcasy of a seconds moment of reflection in the tunnel of pain surging forth, into the wide open field of pleasure. Some times the gate swings off its hinges today there's never been a gate, No existance of a wall at all, I ran out on to the field ready to play, holding the ball I have an instant of wanting to change the game, I look around at the bodies of dark matter in their places waiting for the signals they expect, and think how can i disappoint them. And boot the ball from the field. We scramble like a mad dash down the bank into the rivine to rescue the ball the sphere for it's fear of possible danger everything all of them , killers, get there first what will you do, Take the High Road rescue, remantle, re semble, or boot it again, Hero, romantic, or scandal a life on the road, no settling nomad, Democratic gypsies, beginning again. HEre in NZ the English are invading to set it up again.. Utopian living 2011

Can - Peking O

Fecal Matter Laminated Effect

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Dogs killing possums

Dogs killing possums
carrying your dog to the bush
carrying your self by the lead to get to the
and watch the dogs kill the possum
Rip it apart, after 2 or 3
get use to it, and enjoy that you'r working,

Watch the Jack Russel
Vermin Bait Destroyer
Super Rat catcher and hedgehog Destructor,
Watch it mutilate and torture the ball of brown

The bus driver just stopped the bus in the middle
of the Road and walked off.
He definitely didn't know I was there,
so I got off and walked home.

Wild pigs instinctively swim for home once
dunked in the ocean, why Pacific People
carried domesticated live stock on open sea
voyages of discovery.

Swimming horse in the sea,
hooves paddle the waters
thick brine like a paddle steamer,
Riding on the wet leather,
the hair cose and soft
under wetnesses closed vacume
a suction cup of extra sensation.

The sustainability plastic plants
Is personality
feed me sports
not emotions, my culture doctoring role and
ritual need practice,
can you imagine daily practice.