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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

The NZ settlers and immigrants government declares unlawfully and unrecognised its independence in 1917 identified under the 1902 wellington yachting club flag (current nz flag) which has never received a royal ascent by the British monarchy on the basis that it does not represent a Sovereign Nation.

Unconstitutional law is ILLEGAL.

The nz Gov. repealing the 1852 nz constitution act in 1986 was an act of treason against its parent Parliament, Westminster.
One government cannot change, add, alter or remove law that of another government, i.e the 1852 nz constitution act an act of Westminster.
The 1852 nz constitution act is the only act in existence that provided the nz settlers govt a constitutional warrant to govern themselves.
By unlawfully removing the 1852 nz constitutional act of Westminster the nz settler govt also removed any constitutional warrant to govern themselves.

In 1993 Royal Regent and Chief Judge Hohepa Mapiria the only Maori to ever sit on the privy council enacts through the Parliament of Westminster Te Ture Whenua Maori, Maori Land Act 1993 which affirms the 1835 United Tribes of Aotearoa Declaration of Independence. Section 253 gives Maori Incorporations Full powers and Capacity in the discharge of its obligations inside and outside of Aotearoa/nz. Te Ture Whenua Maori, Maori Land Act 1993 was put in place to fill the void of the Unconstitutional dilema that had occured in 1986.

For a nation to register to the UN without any true Lawful constitution is Illegal.

Only a true Sovereign nation can register to the UNITED NATIONS.

1920 The nz settler government registers to the League of Nation as a supposed sovereign nation later releases the 4th editions of Statutes of the Nz Dominion in 1941.

A Dominion is not a sovereign Nation.

In Aotearoa/nz there is 2 recognised parliaments and governments, that is the Parliament of Waitangi representing Aotearoa/ Nu Tirene the second being the Parliament of Wellington representing the dominion of NZ.

The Parliament of Waitangi govern the Sovereign Nation of Maori Tangata Whenua, the Parliament of wellington govern the settlers of nz.

The Sovereign Nation of Maori are identified under the 1834 de jure flag given royal ascent by King William XI OF ENGLAND later to uphold the 1835 United Tribes of Aotearoa Declaration of Independence.

The NZ settlers and immigrants government declares unlawfully and unrecognised its independence in 1917 identified under the 1902 wellington yachting club flag (current nz flag) which has never received a royal ascent by the British monarchy on the basis that it does not represent a Sovereign Nation.

The NZ GOVT OPERATE WITHOUT A CONSTITUTION therefore to be operating Illegally.

The Nz Govt have been given a lawful Notice to CEASE AND DESIST by King George Watene Tautari which matured on the 2nd Day of May 2015.

The Kiwi Nation must whangai/adopt to the Maori Nation through the Maori Incorporations which assemble in Waitangi on the 28th Day of October every year to Pass Law created by the incorporations.

Tikanga Maori is the Law of this Land Aotearoa/ Nu Tirene handed down by WhakapapaAtua.

The 10 commandment declares to "Obey the Law of the Land" not the law of the Sea which the Nz govt operate under.


Te Ture Whenua Maori, Maori Land Act 1993.
1840 Te Tiriti O Waitangi.
1835 Declaration of Independence.
1834 Sovereign De Jure Flag given Royal Ascent by King William XI of England.

What are you waiting for? Raise them flags, study the documents mentioned above, establish relationships with the Hapu not iwi in your area, seek the Maori INCS nearest to you and help to Unify our Nation by doing the Lawful, Legal, Just and Right thing by your country.

Stop endorsing Corperate maggots ie the NZ SETTLERS GOVT COMPANY.

Written by  Sara Garry Cooper, with some editing by Tao Wells

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

White folk running back to their neighborhood prisons

The still of the hill.
New Zealand duck farm fences
shattered lakes and  90% rivers
Prime Minister says its alright
he’ll swim in them, never
drinking it
Dead floating ripples of silver
head lights of winters
holiday house for two
million feet exclusive beach front
Locals white and friendly
Feed bags of the usual shit fixed to faces
question factor turned off due to the usual
pressures of all round success

my duty as a
democracy defender
go into work
full time, get the question established, why is there
no national voice
no Gov. body
gang addressing the concept of civic collapse
of social responsibilities against corporate colonisation
of radical citizenry margin control
and leaderships ongoing anti-demonstration  -

My organisation
and I stand silently for
Transparent Egalitarian Democratic values
to be Pragmatically argued and implemented at
home &; at work.
We are radical and
we are honest. We will debate with
Anyone Anytime Anywhere (If we can get
there! I'm a volunteer available for hire.

It’s cold
get coat on
civil union arms
civil defence order
civil country city arms
it self with warmth,
civil disobedience hospitality potential
No fear

Jasper the Casper of
white flight in the
They be up selling their
souls up river, counting
space set for the
Black invasion
Fear inslaved
already inevitable,
we’ll make it true,
a success
in business.
No one buys good news.
Forced to buy good news
everyone buys good news
no one bought it

running backwards to keep up
with devil mask on
dancing in the shamans light
healing spell before dying
send a message to spite formats
preconceived outcomes
A circumvention, if you will,
a news bypass
direct line of thinking for you
achieved, see my brother and sisters
flee the tank of moral apathy
see them dressed in thy enemies clothing
see a million invisible hand held grenades
to the heads of
no one sees it coming and
knows who the enemy is.
Hands held to temples
of power,

What's a colour anyway
compared an idea
a system of lucky runs for the greens greeds, red yellow blue
who can’t help themselves.
I look away wondering if that be the way, to judge success that fails,
to get in there, quick, sort it out
hands on

The White folks running
back to their neighbourhoods, prisons
are carrying the gene,
carrying the dream of capitalism's ghost
carrying the flea that pulls down a fence
There’s no stopping something invisible so out
it will be made.
The perfect first step
in any democracy re-take
is the founding of debate.
Platforms that can take civil indifference, hate
exercise civil love -extricate civil abuse
indifference re-cast as interested
both sides. In, out difference
maybe Out difference our
man/woman trans/mix gendered
candidate dressed
to vote
under attack
in identifying
the enemy
dressed in our clothing.
breathe in, let the trenches be dug
before we flood them
from the sides
share a drink