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Saturday, December 3, 2011

The Chomsky-Foucault Debate

Chomsky on Leninism

Eminem & Marilyn Manson - The Way I Am

Jesus as Philosopher

Nadia Oh

I'm like a drug and you're addicted
It's party time
It's your time

It's the weekend
I'm like a hard drug that'll keep you hooked

so mad drive you insane
now don't you want to say my name

I know your name
I've got your number
i know your game
and now i wonder
if you want me
like i want you
I know your name
I've got your number

this is what dreams are made of

Most beautiful boy
crazyiest skin tone
might be Jamaican
maybe Asian
fuckin amazing
I know he knows has seen this movie before
he know his lines like Tarintino 
Tell myself this boys a halo
really i know that this boy is no bueno
I like this boy but I know he's no bueno

Hot hot girls and
hot hot guys
purple cloud up in the sky
make it stick
yeah lick the paper

I think your shy
I'll show you what to do
I'll be your dog
come to you when you call me
just close your eyes
and dance with me tonight

party on table tops
and do the super model

so unforgetable
so unforgetable
so unforgetable
so unforgetable
so unforgetable
so unforgetable

rollin in the club
it's a happy meal

she's a beauty and a beast
she's phenomenal like an animal
bouncing off the bed and the walls yall

she needs her leash

follow me
take my hand and
follow me

all they want to know is
is that you
is that you
is that you

you got a body that
is hot like wow

I'm that type of girl
Are you that type of boy?
When i say that type of girl
it means I'm as nasty as I wana be
not what you tell me to be
cos I'm an independent girl
and I get what i want
and if I don't get it
it's cos I don't want it

I'm a hustler baby
aint where I'm from
is where I'm about to go

The rich rip off the system. And call it just business.

You are allowed to rip off the system as long as you make yourself rich. We applaud that. Right? Michael Fay, Bob Jones, and the other beneficiary's of our collective wealth. 
Then there is the other side of life stylers, John is just trying to pay us all back for the welfare we provided when he needed it, same with Paula. They feel so terrible about ripping us off, they want to stop it happening ever again. Make themselves unique, like that Aboriginal Painting with all the Traditional Dots on it.
It's not John Key, or Paula, or Bill or even Shaples, it's a culture that we are addressing, selfishness and bullying are the stable to a diet of greed and it comes dressed in a pigs ear while saying it's silk. 
This is what we have let our institutions become, because we seriously thought that we wouldn't let it go this low, that some one would call out bluff and take responsibility back again, for doing the right thing. 
Thing is, by that stage we had moved the congratulations machine, away from that which needed encouragement to that which would like it. Industry took over unregulated un articulated and the commodity is King, talk to me in marketing. 
Finally a jester risked their neck to mock the kings vanity, they lost their head, no one protected the jester from being detached from the warm body. There was no applause for the terrorist suspects who stand for us all against the tyranny raining down unabated as if humanity amounts to little more than a horses feed bag.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Luna and Federica Tommasi

The Smiths - Wonderful Woman

Morrissey - If You Don't Like Me, Don't Look At Me

big balls

AC/DC Big Balls

AC/DC - Big Balls (Music Video)

Back side One Eighty

I wana get a job for a playstation 3
I have a child on the way
but I dont want to work

I wana get a job to get myself a playstation 3
Self interest
It's all about me,
I'm Evil remember
its all for my art career

a playstation 3
me and
the sound track
to back my rant
take the stoner rants
on a tour of the provinces

personal interests
my own survival must come first in a crisis
there's always a crisis
to me

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

I'm in Court Right now.


Starting with a clean slate

on a blood crusade

The whole thing is so transparent,

you could be laughing about this, now she is a success

We've been so lucky to do that,

we don't stick up for them

I'm in fucking court right now

Well know established New Zealand artist, well known in New York were all running these little scams,

Saturday, November 19, 2011

"it's real hard to be free when you are bought and sold in the marketplace. 'Course, don't ever tell anybody that they're not free 'cause then they're gonna get real busy killin'and maimin' to prove to you that they are. Oh yeah, they're gonna talk to you, and talk to you, talk to you about individual freedom, but they see a free individual, it's gonna scare 'em. It makes 'em dangerous."

Thursday, November 17, 2011

It comes down to Begging, and will you forget that that's all that's ever done

I 've never made much money exhibiting, in the 14 years i've been exhibiting I estimate that i've received about $1000 from selling actual work. However I've gotten $18.000 dollars of tax payers Creative New Zealand Money, and add $12,000 for every year spent on the Dole, thanks to her Majesty WINZ and the Arts Community (safe estimates have cautioned figures in the $120.000 Grand kind of character) We're talking a sizeable investment, in me by the people of New Zealand as a Public Artist. As an American I can really appreciate that. As i know, America also has an investment in me, to go and kick arse when ever they are needed cause I am an American and we are the most powerful on the planet, we are nuts, lost our way ghosts in a machine, help me. The people representing all of us have chosen to give me around $140.000 of our collective wealth to keep practicing. I've made in 11 years what a State Paid Academic, makes in 1/10 of the time. Thanks NZ, while your state paid intellectuals took the money and kept quiet, wealth inequality has undermined our Democratic Values. Our State sponsored Artists asleep at their posts, Et al, Michael Parakowhai, and other University Professors, paid off to keep quiet about their State democracy responsibilities, as Public Critics and consciences of society. (Edu. Act 1989) To accept a role as critic and conscience of society, to not be publicly known as a state paid for intellectual is to commit fraud. And who of our State paid for artists are known to the public as Professors? The silence is deaf. I'm making some noise, have been for 11 years now.  That the public don't know these Artists as Public Intellectuals, University professors, the idea of Universities as Higher Learning for the cause of greater democracy hes been replaced with subservience to a technocratic state. Do we want that. If not make an effort to lift you arm. An independent critical mind capable of rational dissection to the threats of democracy's constant vigilance. Ahh I see how  we've been getting it wrong. Constant vigilance implies distrust, but in Thomas Jeffersons original context, and the way I do believe the words should be taken, "Eternal Vigilance is the Price of Liberty". The trend of course is to suggest that the many have already opted out of liberty, possibly because it too, suggest dog eat dog, liberty always coming at some one else's expence, might as well make it not you by pretending to not taking liberty, while taking liberty. You don't hear of something spontaneously giving up repression. Liberty does not appear, it is taken.

Buy my Painting

Saturday, November 5, 2011

I don’t live in a Community, I live in a house.

The world looks a lot different after a month without television, exploring multiple news sources instead of being rained on by dominant media. I don’t think there is a more dangerous thing you could do than turn off the mainstream media cause you know it’s just like drinking too much coffee. You’ll loose the shakes. You’ll loose the compulsive fear that keeps you locked into capitalism. Us not them. Cocooned be shear numbers. Look around, I don’t live in a community - I live in a house. I need my fear, how else can I justify this bullshit.

I know I don’t care about you or being exploited by the rich elite cause I am unemployed. I know what my rights are (none) and where I fit into the social picture (nowhere). If it wasn’t for the idea that I owe somebody something I wouldn’t be writing this or making such a fuss about a few ideas I’ve had concerning just what moral responsibility is today and why me, the poor middle-class guy, seems to be carrying a portion of it.

All the new good ideas about alternative energy sources have their patents bought up by existing corporations. They never happen. How’s survival of the fittest working out for you? Shouldn’t that be against the law, the law of our common good. You see me as an unemployed man. I receive your tax dollars to live. You think you own me. Try walking up to a cop and saying that, “Hey I pay for your salary.” Why not? What’s the story? Why me and not them? Cause I don’t carry a taser. My low consumption of resources pays for my benefit and more. I subsidize your spending and your production and your wealth. So do my children and their children and their children’s children. Jacked up so that everything is upside down. Scooping up cash like you know a rainy day is coming, and you'll be able to afford a seat on that ark.

What I would pay for (and go hungry to see) is a room empty except of a desk and two chairs and just one Roger Kerr of the Rich Peoples Elite, or any of the New Tory Nationalists of the National party or any lost Labour careerists. Let's start with John Key sitting opposite an angry poor person. Let the whole thing be filmed but don’t let them out for hours. Let’s see the man behind the mask prepared to stand in front of the machine. I want to see that. There is value in where it breaks down. How weak their characters become. What exactly should we be focusing on? Not the unemployed or unemployment debt. Not lubricating the cogs with conscious objection to the status quo. Simply the knowledge that what we are doing is not right.

Tao Wells 2008

Nek Minnit

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

all you insane people got nuthing on me

So I ask you to hold it on in,
what are we reducing to, whose the most insane?
I'll take care not to stand on your toes, will you see
that you care not to stand on mine

My feelings about are quite clear. I have made them quite clear
in public several times. We've met many times over the years and I've
enjoyed seeing her at my shows. I follow her work with some affection.
I remember an early film of hers, 91 maybe, a man jerking off with loads of mysterious effects, I felt then clearly that here was someone who was announcing they exist. A debut so to speak.

I thought I could go further than that. Make a Debut half way through, not sell any work, especially develop another way to commodity, make that the essence of the work, from one particular view... make sure there's more than a three way between material, sentiment and prescription. As I've previously demonstrated, on a particular day she's the school I graduated from.

Flying cross honors, honor horrors, crash in the pants, fuck you education, when was it meant to start/ finish, you selling air sales man, snow to the eskimo, Oh TEACHER.. Oh teacher.. I knew every trick you plied. But to be really thrilled you never knew me. Locked up in my products box, wrapping layers of culture around me, I poked my own air holes, you'd let me drown. I was to live.

Maladjusted "there's nothing wrong with you"

School yard trouble, Boys and girls, bitter fights, all made up, you were bored, she said you said, all the same things, and he did and she did, and all the bored things, add up to the swirl of wind in a court yard, you know you've seen it, felt in the dust in the eye, this is real, yeah this is real like a stick in the eye, and you remember that, running.

Morrissey - Piccadilly Palare ( early different version )

Off the rails I was and
Off the rails
I was happy to stay
On the rack I was
Easy meat, and a reasonably good buy
A reasonably good buy

The Piccadilly palare
Was just silly slang
Between me and the boys in my gang
"So Bona to Vada. OH YOU
Your lovely eek and
Your lovely riah"

We plied an ancient trade
Where we threw all life's
Instructions away
Exchanging lies and digs (my way)
Cause in a belted coat
Oh, I secretly knew
That I hadn't a clue

(No, no. No, no, no. You can't get there that way. Follow me...)

The Piccadilly palare
Was just silly slang
Between me and the boys in my gang
Exchanging palare
You wouldn't understand
Good sons like you

So why do you smile
When you think about Earl's Court ?
But you cry when you think of all
The battles you've fought (and lost) ?
It may all end tomorrow
Or it could go on forever
In which case I'm doomed
It could go on forever
In which case I'm doomed

Bona Drag ...

Thursday, October 27, 2011

How to roll a PR Lobby hack troll

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Tao Wells We need a NZ map drawn.. and remember crown land, Doc.. that's part of the British Empire RIGHT
Yesterday at 1:14pm · LikeUnlike · 3 peopleLoading...
Tao Wells ‎" At last count, there were 245 millionaires in congress, including 66 in the Senate. "
Yesterday at 1:24pm · LikeUnlike · 1 personLoading...
Tao Wells ‎"And we hate the rich? Come on. Success is the national religion, and almost everyone is a believer. Americans love winners. But that's just the problem. These guys on Wall Street are not winning – they're cheating. And as much as we love the self-made success story, we hate the cheater that much more."
Yesterday at 1:26pm · LikeUnlike · 5 peopleLoading...
Dick Whyte Top fucking post.
Yesterday at 1:28pm · LikeUnlike
Dick Whyte Where those quotes come from??
Yesterday at 1:29pm · LikeUnlike
Kit Kimberly Dick, they come from Matt Taibbi at Rolling Stone (RS's news features fomented my original radical consciousness):
OWS's Beef: Wall Street Isn't Winning It's Cheating | Matt Taibbi | Rolling Stone
I was at an event on the Upper East Side last Friday night when I got to talkin...g with a salesman in the media business. The subject turned to ZucottSee More
Yesterday at 1:35pm · UnlikeLike · 4 peopleLoading... ·
Tao Wells Out standing article
23 hours ago · LikeUnlike · 1 personLoading...
Gregory Waterston ‎90% of that 90% wouldn't own anything more valuable than a car and a tv. I expect half of them would be in serious debt too. LOL?
21 hours ago · UnlikeLike · 2 peopleLoading...
Matt Bowen Quiz:
Person A makes 100k a year and pays 45% in taxes
Person B makes 1 million a year and pays 5% in taxes
Who pays more?
Person C goes to Uni, pays no tax, takes tax to buy food, and then protests against it
50 minutes ago · LikeUnlike
Tao Wells nice try, how ever you miss the point... person A eats one slice of cake, person B eats the rest of the cake, and person C is either is person A or B. Person D on the other hand continue to eat shit
44 minutes ago · LikeUnlike
Tao Wells oh and fuck you
43 minutes ago · LikeUnlike · 1 personLoading...
Matt Bowen u mad that youre wrong? you fight for equality yet you want rich people to pay more
also what did you do personally to help rena? im genuinely interested, because in my books sitting on your computer at home criticising others for doing nothing doesn't count

inb4 you get mad again
31 minutes ago · LikeUnlike
Tao Wells more!
27 minutes ago · LikeUnlike
Bek Coogan hey forgot to ask how much person c pays to go to uni.........!!!!!! and how much tax, plus repauing for uni they will pay for ever AFTER uni.......why isnt MB getting angry with person B? instead he getas angry at person C, who probably doesnt have an income and Tao.....this is actually really funny....
15 minutes ago · UnlikeLike · 1 personLoading...
Bek Coogan p.s excuse my typo's...cant be bothered deleting and re typing....
14 minutes ago · LikeUnlike
Tao Wells LOL!!!!
14 minutes ago · LikeUnlike
Bek Coogan come on MB....your one of us!!!, i can make you a witches hat if you want!!!!
12 minutes ago · LikeUnlike
Tao Wells yeah but, EXactly Bek, why are they angry with person C and not A or B, cause they are on the take, they've already sold out, and they gotta make it worth it so the game being rigged better stay rigged to pay their invetment... in shit,
11 minutes ago · LikeUnlike
Tao Wells but yeah, MB thanks for making the argument, appreciated.
8 minutes ago · LikeUnlike
Bek Coogan yeah.....crazy logic eh.....!!!they just need to do some workshops on 'how to loose graciously....." its ok to loose.....
8 minutes ago · LikeUnlike
Tao Wells hahha
8 minutes ago · LikeUnlike
Tao Wells beautiful
8 minutes ago · LikeUnlike
Bek Coogan its ok for us to say that i guess ....we lost ages ago....!!!!we went to art school!!!!
7 minutes ago · LikeUnlike
Bek Coogan and payed 60.000 dollars to do it!!!! ha ha that is actually insane...our insanity versus john keys insanity...we're all insane!!!!!!!!!!!!time to GIVE IN!!!!!!!!!!!! we can show them how!
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half baked thought and a whole one

Matilda Bea
‎"For beauty is nothing but the beginning of terror,
which we are barely able to endure and are awed
because it serenely disdains to annihilate us."
Rilke, Duino Elegies (1st Elegy)
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Tao Wells
and that war on terror is Orwells endless war right... beauty is simply not the point, at best it's a by product.. but as a focus it can not be but toxic, now toxins can make us drunk, we are addicts whose only cause is supply
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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Art School Staff should be voted in by consensus by art school staff

everyone has to know
the things you have to do,
on this planet turning, to keep attached, not turn off.
Things you force yourself to do, scare to keep interested
to pay attention, the things we have set up for you to do
To keep afraid, to keep sharp,
quick witted, both beast and mind
boredom's savage taste, plow cutting root, and you dig, dig

you see people like e going over
to the other side, like a wilted flower, caught
on the window sill,
after suns gone down, today's guest
they smile and swag their heads
in the disbelief of having been so foolish
didn't they know we are a murdering machine,
didn't they know that, when they were tucked safe late at night
in front of the television set, you did then
you knew explicitly with joy and enthusiasm the killing in your name that was happening, the wars fought for your freedom of which you
expressed it best
in your joy of killing the other,
such success
tonight it is not you
and some exception will be found when it is your turn

the dark,
still being afraid of the dark
at that age
the whole construction
protecting you from pointing that out

Mother, I will be ok, my dreams are not of the world
the ones that drive me to clutch still at your breast, I'm sorry, I'll soon stop
Mther, about the war to ease my deluion into model,
soon, when the moon ripens will the stage of man hood sit with me,
and ask of all that I am.
The spitirtis of fear
walk run fly and slide towards me, in their million ways
all of them half the killer I am
all of the beasts that lumber towards me, pale
in the light of my own species deeds, you are my children
fears, Oh darkness, though I sit in the light, for you to devour me
I move now into the night, sit within you
I am the Billion suns possibilities, daylight being simple a convenient way to turn a screw