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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

God. 1996

God. 1996

Then laugh out loud.
Again if need be, for where are the bouts but a light inside.
Contact made a sport
in the hearts of men
crash walls with no thought to their purpose.

I say laugh out loud and you shall hear
the shadow sweep over  
quieten the rage
with a rope that binds time to its side and free’s the furries to roam.
There you will behold the glory of god’s Choice
and in essence the being of stepping in steps.

You’ve been left holding the candy floss, there are no children there may never be,
But you are holding the candy floss in the wind
as a light or a torch bearer would
People are looking
wondering what your doing Knowing exactly what it is you mean
hating you for it.

Somehow you were left behind left holding the
candy floss. And it is soft and sticky and so desirable
and it is trailing off in the wind breaking off threatening too,
a piece is unravelling not so desirable
the dirt now reaching up the dust stirred in a cloud
the moment freezes free frame
a moment before the earth coats the candy.

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