Criptic Critic Conscience and Known for it

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


What does the News do.

What purpose could the need for news serve

If it had to be constrcted by an intent.

It could serve as a profoundly dressed distraction.

All of life filtered into the stories it suits a few to re-tell and 

re-tell again. 

The delberate construction of a world with a certain ballance of pain, death, light heartedness, tragedy. It's a crappy novel, It's everyday fodder. it's our news, it's our cruddy local NEWS.

What's a bomb going off in instanbull got to do with my garden.

What's a head being chopped off to do with my head

Why are there stories of violence being given to me when the threat right infront of me

isn't said. 

Howcome I have to never hear, "Here are the storeis we've been given to play by those that give us money so we have jobs doing this and in know way to they resemble reality in any way. They are the product of an imagination that can see a way to extract wealth from us all by means of teh telling of certain combinations of stories."

ahh Shakepear you Cumudgegrun, you four storied Omnibus of easy mall living, you wanred us, chasitced raised in bubble bath, teh simple towers of before now us in the beofre of a fallen rich to teh bottom. 

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