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Monday, January 18, 2010

A lot of waiting around in NY, people on platforms.

Ever been
and have
instantly understood
that point of view

the pissed off
could have been you
could have said it yourself
if roles were reversed
But they never
will be,
They're Black

moma (museum of modern art)
The pyramids are
packed again
Seems like there's
no let off in
the dry seasons
Everyones carrying photocameras
to look through at the
Les Demosiles or Starry night
My theory with camera
looking, reading,
time deducted
from a future that is
super valued.
Where a spend of
that futures future
gives us a present

Highway in Wisconsin 2010
Trucks, mcdonald signs still,
flags 3 stories wide

absolutely everyone doing 20 miles
over the speed limit,
cop sitting on the road side

lights on, another pulled
one over, the billion others
speed the fuck on.

Polarized light off the bonnets
and curves of the metal
around me, trees like painted

tar brushes, dipped in tobacco
ash suck in the light
between blue snows glare

huge and insignificant as another
marble sarcophagus lid with
a smear of black algae

looking at Americans
Wealth, I've never
seen success look so

American way of life
Rotten, the
norm is exploitation

no other standard
value of

all of it
feels like a giant
waste of time, everyone

fishing in a polluted river.
Where you buy Bait from
the factory polluting
the it, (worms
were all dug up long ago).

The empty spaces, with
4 lease signs, vague
promise now a bottomless threat.

sharing planet earth
you don't look
I don't look
Just convenient
way to travel.
Though no where to

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