Criptic Critic Conscience and Known for it

Monday, August 16, 2010


Samin said...

by watching these videos on your blog I feel as thought that I have seen something I needed to for a long time. It's not something you'd expect in a blog and since this is going to be the first post on this I don't know if I'm saying the right thing Tao. But then what is the right or wrong? What I'd like to know is what your thought behind this is. Maybe I should have a think about it for a longer period of time before posting this but watching pornography on this blog is something I can relate my personal experience with. Like how I masturbated infront of my class in 2007. Something I do at home but showing it infront of people. I might be completely off track of what you're trying to say here, but please DO tell me about it since I am always interested to know what your thoughts are. You influenced me a lot. Everybody influences me but then there aren't many people who've influenced me this much. I really find these videos interesting and actually finding these videos on a blog interesting. context..hmm I am still learning but then everybody is still learning. Learning until the day we all die. I don't know. Well please teach me. Teach me more and criticize the hell out of me too.

so you tell me said...

Come on you are interested in this because she is Asian and you are Asian, right? What are the cultural, political, artistic implications of such an act taking place here. YOU TELL ME