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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

They Call Me the Trouble Tooth

They call me
the trouble tooth

"Try it, call me, bring
me out of retirement,

If you can handle the
trouble too you can do
"Two worlds.

When the Jets won in 69,
It changed football,

check the record books
from A to Z they've

done nothing since,
nothing since,

If they win
it's your
loss '

'what year as the 1st Super bowl'
the 1st one was not a
super bowl (in 66)

(Conductor comes over, asks
him to come with him, he goes,
saying "we're just talking football" ),
I miss him already

MoMa, Day at the Pyramids

It is clear that although seven of the Wonders of this world have been claimed, eight has over a million different sites, echoe's copying great moments or combined elements of great moments to great effect. So that we may share in the rapture of the believers greed gainst spoil,

Wyatt was in the hall way
How can this American
Genius be left in the hall
way by the stairs, Disrespected
It's a crime, he's one
of the best. Duchamp too
moved out, out of the
main room to be by
the exit stairs, where no
one goes

His Message not sitting too
well with the Starry
starry Night crowd, eyeing
up the Cartoonists Drafting
No, Can't have
Duchamps rain his "It's
been done rain on such
a money maker, It
should have been him,
He's the end of Art!!!
Duchamp people Duchamp,
Beuy's - No one gets it,

Monday, January 25, 2010

Taiwan not Thailand.


2 hour lay over in Narita, Japan

Esteban Schimpf

Under the ruins of a walled city, Crumbling towers and beams of yellow light, No flags of truce, no cries of pity,

The siege guns had been pounding all through the night.


It took a day to build the city We walked through its streets in the afternoon


As I returned across the lands I'd known I recognized the fields where I'd once played

Between Phily and NY

Seize the Power, Name your Price, Be Inspired

I had to stop in my tracks for fear Of walking on the mines I'd laid