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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Notes from the long term unemployed. Nov 06 2010

Work Broker, the pimp
of the world banks inter-
national Implemented slavery, forced
Debt, guts the worker to
a shell, and the work Broker
is There to say hey
you use to be worth
shit now your worth even
less so now your Arse
is mine and you'll jump
how high I say.
Bend me over and tie
me down beat and beat,
bags of bones and blood
why's the painting and
decorating invisible.
I sees it, slash
slash, bag bust.
Everything fresh wet
Take your self esteem
half it, half it again,
half it again half
it again


We've got to be punished,
Booked in for appointments
in groups a fake civilty
while our intelligence is
assaulted, what is being
done here is the re enforce
ment of the primary school
yard - the grid cutting off the
fresh shapes that have sprouted
into dominated economic units.

Then they put on the DVD,
thick propaganda full
of out right lies -
Are you a positive person
are you keen - Remember
you Are a 5 year old,
this is the teacher
a clone.
Might as well be a long fart
coming out of the mouth
of this implant speaker
head, nonsense is abound
but this has the ring of
truth in it - 'you Are
stupid - you are scum -
we'll make sure you
get the help you need -
We judge each other in
less than 30 seconds -
so make sure you
dress to impress -
be ready that phone
could ring at any
time - Work and income
can help - just talk
to us about what you
need - 'Your ideal job
could be out there
waiting for you' -'It's
your job search' - 'Good

It's a bit of a race now,
till students come back, they'll
take your jobs,

'I'm not working for families'
- fuck that -
'fair enough - I think that's clear.

The reading out of the
Jobs - Any men in This
Room - We'll take C.V's
and fax them down to
national office,...  Their looking
for fully qualified people
-cleaners no need for
experience full training given.
- I've worked for them before -
"If you have any dishonesty
marked against you,"

Here is where having skills
ensure you to be snared
trapped thrown down the
shute shot like a sheep
shotgun to the forehead -

' Some personal care needed -
not everyone's able to do this'
-There's not enough men looking
after men,
'I understand why'.

Surely someone can do
one of These Jobs -
'probably - do they do police
checks on that one?'

'we've got a smart computer
that matches your personal
information with jobs that
come in a like a concrete
mixer 24/7 - :We need
good accurate information"
-"We pay an unemployment benefit
for you to be job seekers -
you don't search for work
you don't get the benefit"

'Networking is Good'
Networking is very Important

If you can't find
work you can Reasonably do -

'You must be available for
and looking for full time
30 hours a week"

Accept any job offer
that is made to you
that you can reasonably do.
'The best you can physically do'

'Choice runs out when you get
here' - PAM
Planning And Assessment Module.

'If your fired there is
potential of a, 13 week
stand down.'

What is the Purpose
of this meeting?


The changes in September
27 of the 9th past in Parliament

most of it is just the same,

Suitable employment means
anything you can do

When you were training to
get your degree - What did
you do  - that's what you'll
do now boy

Next to the data projector of
my work obligations is a
Poster "Step up for a Wicked
New life - volunteer with NZ
defense force,

'who wants to be a cleaner'


-$55hr for painters
-$27hr working for Hardcourts.

Paid Pd
Paid Periodic detention.

rap, recoverable assistance Program

Contact your local member
of Parliment if you
don't agree with the
present rules.

'P' endorsement - Winz will pay


CNZ - media Job.

Around the U shaped arrangement of
pine laminated tables, I am
sitting with the men are
pitted against each other - made
to be blamed for Their
no job status - But left
alone these men Are Hero's
SMART they know just how
intensely this game is rigged,
a couple of woman
wranglers are There to conjul
their manhood into the stocks,
Clients they call us But
they Are our Masters,
and our Resistance is futile
So we laugh - laugh
The men here have worked at
most things = have level 3 in
computers - Jacks of a trades,
There's sea lords, or the meat works,
The works shit, might kill ya.

Armour Guard - Colbert Rd.

11.30 Friday 12th Nov

Dean H.

"It is my opinion that you
are unsuitable for this Job"

'Employer was very irritated
that Work Broker Sarah
had not told him the full
truth about my moving to
W. and pointed out what a
waste of time and money this
interview was!'

After the WINZ meeting
a room full of the most
incredible people - all for one
reason or another unemplyable or un
wanted by the system that
ironically would die without them -

the tattooed pierced criminal record
Genius applying for his old job
again -

Interview on the 12th

12 - Nov Cheryl

When did I last call?
What does it say that I asked?

Is it WINZ Policy to proceed
with the punishment when I have
formally asked for a review of
the initial accusation?

What would reinstate me meeting/
fill work obligations?

$12.75 9pm to 4am

"WINZ pays for a NZer
to fly to Australia to
take employment."

What was the situation
that on the 29th Oct I
was failed work obligations.
- What was the interview arranged
for me.

There are skilled men
here, talented dedicated,
Valuable members of society
that Are now treated
as if they Are a Burden
They Are NZ Citizens
They are the fabric
of our society -
if we continue to
choose to not invest
in the training and
support of our people -
instead treat them as
Burdens to unload -
WINZ will break the laws
of NZ and
threaten you intimidate you
to get off their books -
We Are blamed for not
having the skills for the
market as it is - when
we Are the people trained
and now dispossessed by
the market that doesn't
want us to work -

It takes my salary,
and gives it to the
Boss so he can belong
to the club
of profit while working
wages remain the
same since 1978

Job seminar whose into
_ _ _ _ _ _ , silence from Around
the table - no one wants a
job but they'll take what
they can - Taking a job
means at best you'll
be productive only the
weight of being exploited
for this labour takes
the toll on your mana,
your self esteem - No one
is an idiot - we see
how it is.

"Welfare is not a lifestyle
move to Ausie and get
a job"

Cheryl. Nov 15

'Review of the situation'

When Asked if I should
tell the Emperor that I
was leaving in 3 week,
Cheryl said that I should not
tell him -
               NOV 15.

There's certain men who, being
quite smart but are unemplyed,
they've all been white, but
that may be incidental, regard
my activism against being
abused as a beneficiary with
a psychotic hate, this
I am assaulted with,
as if it was I who
beat them, like beaten dogs
they see my maneuvering
and recognize it as a
suspicious activity - if you
act like you have power, only
bosses have power - and people
who Act like Bosses - but Aren't are liars.
Should be Destroyed.

Alex. - Taranaki Benefit Advocate,

-Ask them for urgency.

- 'Tell them I'm in touch
with the benefit Right Advocate
in Wellington.'

Nov 16.
Under Client obligations, my work obligations
Point G, take part in Any other
activities - that will improve my
work readiness or help me to get
work - I would like to state
for the record that
this is not helping in
anyway - that I am stressed out
I feel abused and set up to
fail - that my partner is being abused
and that the sanctions, ...
WINZ staff have
made my ability to
find suitable work much more

- The stress that I Am
under is being transmitted
to potential employers who
are put off by my high
state of agitation.'

- It is clear that WINZ is not
interested in me finding a job
but simply to get off the benefit.

We Asked repeatedly if the -
under the Guise of
'Giving us feed back' said that
we could not be work tested
for this and that we had not
failed my work obligations.
After repeating this several times
when we were asking does this
mean I don't comply - to my
obligations - and she would not tell
me - so I said that she
was being purposefully misleading -
Which she got up set at.
We were then introduced to the service
supervisor who told us that the
interview did not comply with the
re-comply measure and that I still needed
to - when asked if I was now was
going to loose my benefit he did
not reply - except to say that I
needed to comply.

Work Broker - liaison with employers.
Robyn. - manager
Shaun. - Service supervisor.

said that it wasn't his dream
job working at WINZ"

16th Nov.

30 hours gets you off
benefit per person.

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