Criptic Critic Conscience and Known for it

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Suicidal Kids

Chapter 1.

Necessary Death

Leaving the theater, things became more
complicated. A family in high
spirits elects to walk the 3
blocks home to their Apartment.
The story goes that on the way
the little girl spotting some beggar
children, asks Mummy for some charity
Are shot in the face, little girl
little boy, Mummy Daddy. Whole Family
doesn't get to pay their token
to let the ride keep playing
they are ejected from the ride.
A necessary Death.
The children carrying cheep American
Replica's of the classic snub nose .38 had
decided previously to take matters into
their own hands. None of this
organizing the revolution, figuring out
where it all goes, no the kids
just wanted out and were
taking as many with them as

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