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Monday, March 7, 2011

Disinheriting the Parents.


Disinheriting the Parents.

Cheech and Chong game
show, from a record, listening
Contestants had to guess their
own name, Bob what is
your name, I dunno can you give me
a hint – Begins with a B
Bob – ends with a B, Bob,
has an “O” in the middle, what
does it spell bob, what is
your name,

My Family had a Bob
Puppy who grew old, weimaraner
disobedient, roamed the
neighbor hood freely – loved
locally – watched out for –
famed for eating builders
lunches – evidence in his
glad wrapped poos –

Once dragged a tree off the beach,
finding the gap in the gate

This dog asleep on the
deck all day – blistered
tortured nose riddled with
fleas, I would sit some
times and pick the
fleas yellow almost split with
gorged blood from his
skin, my little bit of
love inherited not enough
To cover de fleaing
the dog – I still hear
him breathing, Bob, Best
dog, I loved him,
but not enough to keep
all the fleas off him,
I imagine him lying there
now, having given up –
suck me I’ll get use
to it – I’ll get use
to it.

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