Criptic Critic Conscience and Known for it

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Taking that small percetage of any group that do their own thing at the expense but also to the betterment of the rest of us.

Instead of hating
the bosses and their bankers
for our shitty jobs, poorly paid
we blame the unemployed.
and fair enough -
since they are paid to
act like they want my job,
put pressure on my position
By being forced to compete for
my job with out the means to get the job
they just suceed in keeping my wage low
I ask boss for a raise and it's like, see this pile
of applicants for your job, you don't like it
you can hit the high way

So i did, long tern unemployed with no
bullshit job applications,  just real ones,
Jobs I was qualified for, jobs I had skill and
ability to do,  NOT to the detriment of my
mental or physical health.
That's the responsible move to do, to not burden the
health system or ACC or the mental health sector with my
burn out, my burn out, my burn out.
NO, You want to care for me, wounded solder, you want to carry
me on your back, solder on your knees, mud up to the teeth,
You are being used.

Walk into the unemployment office soldier
Tell then as you would tell your superior officer
ask for a benefit and if they hassle you. SHOOT DOWN THEIR SIMULATION OF CARING

TEAR Down the fake free market, fight with cleverness for all
not just those that are able to be clever... IDIOTS
pay what is a fair amount on an actual market
and see the nobility of work return
from the scam it is now,
to the fake competition run by
speculation companies buying and selling
the future before it arrives
before it has a chnace to arrive and exist in a way
that isn't toxic and ambivalent about whether
you live or die..

Unemployed, Standing Army
the goverment and big business can swamp
the skill market, flood it at any time
to drive down wages and living standards
maintain their own wealth, create crops of poverty crime for the prison industry feeding the military industry feeding Corptopia
entrench and perpetuate
social and material divides.

I wana be a good man

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