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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Dogs killing possums

Dogs killing possums
carrying your dog to the bush
carrying your self by the lead to get to the
and watch the dogs kill the possum
Rip it apart, after 2 or 3
get use to it, and enjoy that you'r working,

Watch the Jack Russel
Vermin Bait Destroyer
Super Rat catcher and hedgehog Destructor,
Watch it mutilate and torture the ball of brown

The bus driver just stopped the bus in the middle
of the Road and walked off.
He definitely didn't know I was there,
so I got off and walked home.

Wild pigs instinctively swim for home once
dunked in the ocean, why Pacific People
carried domesticated live stock on open sea
voyages of discovery.

Swimming horse in the sea,
hooves paddle the waters
thick brine like a paddle steamer,
Riding on the wet leather,
the hair cose and soft
under wetnesses closed vacume
a suction cup of extra sensation.

The sustainability plastic plants
Is personality
feed me sports
not emotions, my culture doctoring role and
ritual need practice,
can you imagine daily practice.

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