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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Art School Staff should be voted in by consensus by art school staff

everyone has to know
the things you have to do,
on this planet turning, to keep attached, not turn off.
Things you force yourself to do, scare to keep interested
to pay attention, the things we have set up for you to do
To keep afraid, to keep sharp,
quick witted, both beast and mind
boredom's savage taste, plow cutting root, and you dig, dig

you see people like e going over
to the other side, like a wilted flower, caught
on the window sill,
after suns gone down, today's guest
they smile and swag their heads
in the disbelief of having been so foolish
didn't they know we are a murdering machine,
didn't they know that, when they were tucked safe late at night
in front of the television set, you did then
you knew explicitly with joy and enthusiasm the killing in your name that was happening, the wars fought for your freedom of which you
expressed it best
in your joy of killing the other,
such success
tonight it is not you
and some exception will be found when it is your turn

the dark,
still being afraid of the dark
at that age
the whole construction
protecting you from pointing that out

Mother, I will be ok, my dreams are not of the world
the ones that drive me to clutch still at your breast, I'm sorry, I'll soon stop
Mther, about the war to ease my deluion into model,
soon, when the moon ripens will the stage of man hood sit with me,
and ask of all that I am.
The spitirtis of fear
walk run fly and slide towards me, in their million ways
all of them half the killer I am
all of the beasts that lumber towards me, pale
in the light of my own species deeds, you are my children
fears, Oh darkness, though I sit in the light, for you to devour me
I move now into the night, sit within you
I am the Billion suns possibilities, daylight being simple a convenient way to turn a screw

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