Criptic Critic Conscience and Known for it

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The World Could Be Anything (July, 1990) ~ Terence McKenna

"At this point you are probably very concerned about your mental condition, and if you aren't your friends are, because what you're saying at this point is, the rivers talk to me, the trees whisper in my ear. What you're recovering is the meaning, that's all, the meaning that is self evident in nature but that we block. The meaning is so pregnant in everything that it can actually articulate itself in your native English tongue and talking rocks talking trees talking boulders, we define this as pathology, it means in technical jargon, a severely diminished ego is in danger of overwhelmment by material from the inchoate and disorganized unconscious, well but what is actually happening is that for the first time in somebodies life or experience they are meeting the resident meaning in reality with it's force unblunted by conditioning and denial.This is some kind of linguistic process we and all nature swims in some kind of sea of signification of which we are in the same way that the amphibians were able to drag themselves out of the primitive oceans of this planet into air and exist in a completely different dimension, we whether grandly or perversely the verdict is not yet in, we dragged our selves out of the sea of telepathic interconnected signification that united all life and we exist, panting and pop eyed in this other dimension called history."

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