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Monday, September 30, 2013

Pretend To Renounce And Receive All

The paradox at the heart of the commodity is that
 the more you drink the thirstier you feel
to desire no longer, melancholy
warm coke served in a desert,
versus cold coke served by the pool
Agalma, the  worth while center, is there so we might
take a moment to enjoy the surface
sing Ode to joy,
an empty container with all possible gut meanings
the margin of freedom that we have, all have
how we subjectivise the objective experience by constructing our own euniverse
every violent act is the failure of being able to put it in words, a symbolic
to do, I consume my fantasy, the thing I can't really get to know, fantasy provides an
easy answer, The Searchers, a remake of Taxi Driver
young natalie woods, taken lived with indian chief for a couple of years
did the victim enjoy their victimhood not wanting to be redeemed
unasked, given violence
Violence is a brutal intervention in the real to cover a certain impotance
of cognitive mapping
you lack a clear picture of where are we going.
Just being is a destination you can't think of
the right path
you should want to kill your self,
you should want to commit suicide, take an act of violence
and kill what is in side you that ties you to the dominant ideology,
Fascism is a conservative revolution to reassert a traditional hierarchical society.
Capitalism means disintegration of all stable social relations, perpetual social conflict and instability

Blame the inherent failings of capitalism on someone, hurt that someone and the rest of us become Traditional society.
Sell the image of this other, single mothers, or the unemployed as the frame that frames everything
to the abys of suspicion
enter endless security industry.

Let us imagine the other having the same fantasies as ourselves, competing, they may steal our easy answer, our way of life. The workers movement, state bodily discipline is our duty, Nazis believed in solidarity of the people, social democracy. The enemy is the foreigner, offer of pure libidinal investment.

extend the nazi horizon of meaning, enjoy and destroy nazi from within.
live in crisis, appear indestructible = capitalism or
accept the waste of things that have lost function
is a chance of an authentic passive experience
the artist moment, the failure of the existing life network
to touch history where the sacred and the obscene overlap,
the oil of petrified enjoyment running everything
the frozen grimace of an excessive pleasure in pain

When the upper class lose their way they
can come suck the life out of the lower classes
the fear is that there is no gap, there must be a gap,
so the  gap is made to keep safe the dream, the fantasy, a love story saved for all time
"I'll never let go, I promise " while pushing him off the life raft

pure military discipline
nonsense and humor obscenity bribes the solder with this enjoyment
take this away and military machine stops working.
In order to be a member of a community, you
must experience the extreme underside, if you believe it, you kill yourself.
The lie to maintain order, the noble fable, Weapons of mass destruction
if there is no god, then everyting is permitted -Satre 43
if there is god, then nothing is permitted by those who believe they are with god
against the Big Other
History towards progress stages, to actualize a historical necessity
of course it is sad that they died, but I like cats, small children

There is no mythical people that serve the legitimation of existing power

The big other, the order of appearances, a brief encounter
for whom we maintain appearances
there is no big other, - Lacan.
we are alone
free to errect divine eucracies to serve nothing
reproduce itself forever, welcome to the team

What is your responsibility hysteria is the way we question our social responsibility
why am i what you are telling me I am?
All new invention comes from hysterical questions
who is following me, is it you?
Deligitimize suffering, choose anxiety or love
What do you want?
disentegration of the god that gives us the meaning of our lives
suspending the field of symbolic ordering, the big other
recognizing christ is here in emancipatory collectives
there is no big other, no reference point garenteed meanings

the life of the wrong dreams, that are out side of society, inhabit a body that is replaced to be used by another who dreams the right dreams, inside society.

Our dreams are not objective facts, we created them, change the reality by changing the dream
this hurts, the old dreams produced the ultimate nightmare, a changed social body but no egalitarianism.
waiting the true revolutionary agent awakes magic bare witness to a will for a different future
utopian dreams explode, the excess of energy haunts us, all the unredeemed ghosts of past revolutions will find home here  in the new freedom - Benjamin

Directed by: Sophie Fiennes
Year: 2012 | Duration: 136 min
Genre: Documentary
Starring: Slavoj Zizek

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