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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Notes from the Long Term Unemployed - Cancelled by Suter Director & Curator

The Suter Gallery and I had been working closely on the above show for nearly a year and the revelation of this sudden loss of trust between us is a total shock to me and has caused great concern. I take responsibility for my part in this relationship, but don't understand the Galleries behavior or decision.

My intent to work with a Public Gallery was going well and I believed the compromises I was making on behalf of the gallery context were appropriate and I was very excited about the developing contents of the show. There was nothing I wasn't prepared to do, to help make the gallery comfortable with my work.

While I respect that the Suter has the power to make the decision and wish them all the best for the future. I do not respect the secretive and damaging way in which that decision was made, and the way in which I and the public have been treated.

While the show was cancelled last month.I have been waiting for some official word from the gallery to notify the public of the change to the program and why? But I have just been informed that there will be no public notification. And that they have elected to simply erase the issue of my show and promote the new one instead. The lack of a public statement clearing any blame for the cancelling of the show is simply unprofessional and a sad attempt to hurt me.

The shows event, a talk with Ex-Prime Minister of New Zealand and Constitution Law advocate, Sir Geoffrey Palmer; on the role of "Art, & Free Speech in a Democracy,"  has also been unceremoniously cancelled.

Tao Wells

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  1. Dude. How unfortunate. I was looking forward to this. Indeed today i was even planning my travel and was so looking forward to catching the show and then boarding my little sounds air flight!!!!