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Monday, May 18, 2015

You can't show poverty on TV

It's one of the mediums limitations. McLuhan was right about the message being locked, into the medium. The machine gloss of a video's screen destroys the ravage of real time poverty. The life being presented, if they're an anonymous starving child in Africa or your next door neighbor; on screen they are a characterization of something you can only run from while laughing at, pity dripping off your fingers as you push the remote button. Journey's into the underground are tourist trips where the natives are kept authentically starving. No there is no way to record the misery of human suffering inflicted through un-chosen poverty. That's why it's rising, that in a media age it repels the fakery of spin and best intentions, why being invisible is more real more visible than the brightest video star. You can't see it if you can't see it. And any one watching television has a pre-programmed vested interest in maintaining that illusion. No one is touched, the screen stays in tact. The antidote to suffering, human touch, is locked out of the equation, perfectly. And you know it will be replayed.

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