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Saturday, July 11, 2015

So I have to ask

So I have to ask
is the guy fired, is he on forced retirement
a break before they fire him
is he on six  months leave with
a need to leave cause this article
I wrote
broke the cammels hump
he’s through
I’ve scratched the surface
hit some cartliged
maybe even frature a real
but it’s superficial
till the facts
till the stats roll in
and how gets to look at
the real numbers
nobody that’s who
who can you trust
if the real numbers
aren’t let through
those that have instinct that’s
all that’s is left on the out side
the rest are drawing down salaries
from the big smoke
that fire lit in germany and
surrounding occupied territories
with work camps
and those occupied souls
of the territories they
For money
bunch of queer guard gds
to eat the commenist menace
of flower holding hippies wiht
love na peace in their hair
and an idea that things were shit unless you get better m make them beeter you shit head and evil crap mercahnt I smell you you smell you wit’s like the way you wlak smells of death and theres nothign cool about you
so my point is how do I measure my wealth agasint yours, as a power move to mauniver you into doing what I want you to do. for me. to fit in to my picture so that i ma less bothered by you,, so you blend more into the landscape the back ground as the inferior uncooll unspohisticated stupid person you are. But still with every right to live, to be every bet better than I could ever imagine given that we are two people who don’t share the smae point of view and can never know what that point of view is excpet a s a imagined state. Interpreted with every technogloy starting with the thought. 
I want my effect to matter, to matter it must be felt , to feel pain is quickest and the biggest splash, pleaure is longer lastin gbut slower to build. SO everything peddles pain, and the thing is , it’s not long lasting, it is so short, even imminet world destrution goes off the radar within 4 minutes on average of it’s full discussion, less for just the words metioned, as little as thrity seconds on average. So. instant world desturction as a conept being contemplatable, is a 22 second commercial break between the great movement so of our star life, as the brains of cool matter formed in stars embedded in the warm flesh of creatures foundned on this earth ship.
Did he g on holiday for sixmomnths jsut case he was well loved well earned this break and the given that the magazine issue won an award, and is generaly so good, that the break is taken in deep joy and contenment, or is he on edge cursing hte day he invited Tao wells community concepturalilst to submitt his thesis to unravele it’s reveal and critqgue the very fabric of privledges insualted thought in this gariison that has beocem nZ 2015, American Pacific/ Antartica Spy base, for the last oil raids, and on going Nato opearating spam bot.
WHo cares, what ’s going on with him
I ‘’m happy . Tis good writing
any way baout it
hte fist is couaght in the throat, and the attmept to throw up
or swallow, just sends me further down
I’m here

 She comes in and
stands at my elbow
I can’t look at her
as I hear the sound of my fingers
tap the keys to a fabulous
and marvel at the ideas being
tapped out in stone
She laughs as I can’t turn
the relief and joy of her
my craft built of nails floating out at sea with a gale
taking her away from any intention I had to com ashore,
I lie down in the hull, ribbs, and send my self to sleep
dep in the bossom of that other lover
just take me, away

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