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Friday, December 18, 2015

A Horizontal Examination of Capitalism's Hierarchy - despite 'time is money', time is actually yours.

A Horizontal Examination of Capitalism's Hierarchy.

"The operation can be summarized like this: An entity in its death throws sacrifices itself as a content in order to survive as a form.

The fragmented individual survives as a form thanks to the 'spiritual' technology of counseling. Patriarchy survives by attributing to women all the worst attributes of men: willfulness, self-control, insensitivity. A disintegrated society survives by propagating an epidemic of sociability and entertainment. So it goes with all the great, outmoded fictions of the West maintaining themselves through artifices that contradict these fictions point by point. "

- Seventh Circle, "We are building a civilized space here", The Coming Insurrection - The Invisible Committee

The content, maybe decoration on a merrigo round, or another round of information for your enjoyment. Or something irrelevant.

I am trying to articulate a form that aligns itself with points that don't engage with capitalisms contradiction engines.

Places that are the opposite of the christmas rush.
Alternative, try it out, see if it is not that bad.

You have afforded me the time and money to make my work, and my work is an effort to show you and myself what I see from the position of being helped by you. The sharing dimension of life, despite capitalisms time is money, time is actually yours. And there are many different platforms for you to survive on. Even flourish. Where we each have this point in our lives we are holding on to something bigger.

The Real News, and Democracy Now both exist because of donations, gifts given. 

If I'm the boss and the worker, it's all about timing, the right time. Reveling in anticipation,  simultaneously contrasting relaxing enough, until inner momentum hum spills into effortless action.

Usually the question Is it art? arises when faced with such weirdness.

 I would like to suggest another question, if everything is art and everyone is an artist, what is this the art of that you are seeing? Five brand new duvet covers, two new sheets, two old sheets, an old pillow case and a solo sock stretched on prepared frames. Installed outdoors around Wakefield. What could this be the art of?

The Now Festival of Tao, asks this X-mas, “Less presents more present, this time give time”. Time isn’t money, it’s yours.

60% off Duvet covers, Warehouse now

See you next year.

Tao Wells, Wakefield, New Zealand. December 20th 2015

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