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Sunday, April 3, 2016

Australia Adani Coal Mine - No still means no - Donate to this worthy fight.

Adani doesn't have our free, prior and informed consent to build their Carmichael coal mine on our land, and they never will.

The Queensland Government just rode roughshod over our rights and granted the mining leases anyway. They have given Adani the green light to ignore our opposition and to tear the heart out of our country. To destroy our rivers and drain billions of litres of groundwater. To leave a black hole of monumental proportions in our homelands.

We feared the Government would do this -- and they did. And we need your help to fight it. Today's approval changes everything. But we can and will fight on. Can you donate now so we can fight against Adani's mining lease in court?

This is far from over! Our incredible supporters have already helped us take a fight against the mine to the Federal Court. The case is still underway as we speak.


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