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Thursday, March 11, 2010

New York 2010, a gutted and cleaned fish at an Asian Market

I'm not kidding.

There are no Homeless people in NY, that once magnigificent body of vagrancy, transition arts, lieing in your path for you to step over, give change to, check your own status of existence. GONE

Riding the subway, walking the streets there is no signs of life, no writing on the walls other than corporate, state cant tell the difference, I found a single sticker on a cross walk, saying

hey you Know, we don't know who blew up the trade towers.. maybe we should find out...

Posters in everyother subway car say, hey brother, if you see a homeless person, give us a call, and we will pick them up, take them away, to some where better.. HOW CAN YOU ARGUE.. i can feel the sleep of good time coming over me, so good, take them away. out of my sight to another site, where I think of them no more.. to where the garbage goes. Sleep.

I do see this poster, it's maybe an art project, .. A single black girl standing next to a warehouse, with the numbers 15 printed next to her, in the smaller print the 15 turns to 15,000 children will be sleeping in homeless shelters in NY tonight. 15,000 children. I don't even see'em.

in 2005, on Wall St I attempted to take a picture of a large Radical Rauschenberg sitting in a Lobby of some BAnk, from the footpath, through the windowed door, A cop comes up to me and tells me that he will arrest me if I take that picture. As an AMarican I almost punched his head in. Never tell an american He aint free or they will go around killing and maiming just to prove to you how free they are, easy rider.....

How am i meant to think about this, or feel, or react, the decision is clearly mine but to be treated like i have options is to imagine a citizenry of independent educated means, I'm barely making it slave grade, passing off my papers as accidents i'm embarrassed about, assuring everyone it's ok I don't have an opinion, I don't want to talk.

sure I'm ready to join the movement, but it seems a generation or two from gaining consciousness enough to do anything definitive.

Perhaps NY, this traditional magnetic pole of electric american current, L.A on one side, NY the other, needed to fall, let in the void between, Chicargo, Detroit, St Louis rise of the great Black Carbon Cities, post education, post pain, post economic reform, just real hate and a will to enact the showdown between rich and poor,

NY Disney is a slow kill, dazed I walk around and see the people working there. Going down town, our cab driver winced as a cops siren politely wheazed by, THis city he seemed to say, this city,,,, has gone ...
WELL WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU GOING TO DO ABOUT IT>.. I'm WALKING HERE I"M WALKING HERE, midnight cowboy, being tough in NY like a painted face that's gone now.

I can't be angry, a poor wage slave, I'm walking here, 911 trauma has been really heavy. So heavy that NY has not been let to recover. Something is keeping that gap in the tooth, that hole free, empty, where a NEW YORKIAN would have a building there in two weeks this otherness has taken over and everything has changed.

there are still the donut builders filling up the positions of desire everyday.. so the net of creative industries are still being thrown out, just you'r working in a ghost town, without a back drop of real life unafraid.

NY is Afraid.

Striking out at shadows randomly, like they've become unable to cast one themselves..

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