Criptic Critic Conscience and Known for it

Friday, February 19, 2010

Hysterical Young person, awake screaming

What does
New Zealand

New Zealanders
The Government of the
people. We own nothing,
SO Does NZ really
exist, what exists?

We ARE bled by the
Rich who own us,
Our values mean brief
stumbling blocks in the extraction
of wealth. The end.

If you are not political
what force is stopping you

from knowing how to avoid being
a slave... oh, yes that force.

There's no fight
no left or right reasoning
over the fate of our
country - It's been sold.

Hello New zZealander,
slave of the New world order,
you seem so happy about it.

when did you become
So Gullible
so e-fable

wait till the Tea baggers
get here,

Criminals kept in prison
instead of rehabilitated
are perfect cash cows,

You create discriminatory laws that
protect the rich and punish the poor,
taxing this illusion of the petty criminal
creates a huge cash cow

New Zealand, corporate battery farm
100% polluted. Drained of wealth

New Zealand, Prisionvile

Colony to the worlds elite.

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