Criptic Critic Conscience and Known for it

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

all you insane people got nuthing on me

So I ask you to hold it on in,
what are we reducing to, whose the most insane?
I'll take care not to stand on your toes, will you see
that you care not to stand on mine

My feelings about are quite clear. I have made them quite clear
in public several times. We've met many times over the years and I've
enjoyed seeing her at my shows. I follow her work with some affection.
I remember an early film of hers, 91 maybe, a man jerking off with loads of mysterious effects, I felt then clearly that here was someone who was announcing they exist. A debut so to speak.

I thought I could go further than that. Make a Debut half way through, not sell any work, especially develop another way to commodity, make that the essence of the work, from one particular view... make sure there's more than a three way between material, sentiment and prescription. As I've previously demonstrated, on a particular day she's the school I graduated from.

Flying cross honors, honor horrors, crash in the pants, fuck you education, when was it meant to start/ finish, you selling air sales man, snow to the eskimo, Oh TEACHER.. Oh teacher.. I knew every trick you plied. But to be really thrilled you never knew me. Locked up in my products box, wrapping layers of culture around me, I poked my own air holes, you'd let me drown. I was to live.

Maladjusted "there's nothing wrong with you"

School yard trouble, Boys and girls, bitter fights, all made up, you were bored, she said you said, all the same things, and he did and she did, and all the bored things, add up to the swirl of wind in a court yard, you know you've seen it, felt in the dust in the eye, this is real, yeah this is real like a stick in the eye, and you remember that, running.

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