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Saturday, November 5, 2011

I don’t live in a Community, I live in a house.

The world looks a lot different after a month without television, exploring multiple news sources instead of being rained on by dominant media. I don’t think there is a more dangerous thing you could do than turn off the mainstream media cause you know it’s just like drinking too much coffee. You’ll loose the shakes. You’ll loose the compulsive fear that keeps you locked into capitalism. Us not them. Cocooned be shear numbers. Look around, I don’t live in a community - I live in a house. I need my fear, how else can I justify this bullshit.

I know I don’t care about you or being exploited by the rich elite cause I am unemployed. I know what my rights are (none) and where I fit into the social picture (nowhere). If it wasn’t for the idea that I owe somebody something I wouldn’t be writing this or making such a fuss about a few ideas I’ve had concerning just what moral responsibility is today and why me, the poor middle-class guy, seems to be carrying a portion of it.

All the new good ideas about alternative energy sources have their patents bought up by existing corporations. They never happen. How’s survival of the fittest working out for you? Shouldn’t that be against the law, the law of our common good. You see me as an unemployed man. I receive your tax dollars to live. You think you own me. Try walking up to a cop and saying that, “Hey I pay for your salary.” Why not? What’s the story? Why me and not them? Cause I don’t carry a taser. My low consumption of resources pays for my benefit and more. I subsidize your spending and your production and your wealth. So do my children and their children and their children’s children. Jacked up so that everything is upside down. Scooping up cash like you know a rainy day is coming, and you'll be able to afford a seat on that ark.

What I would pay for (and go hungry to see) is a room empty except of a desk and two chairs and just one Roger Kerr of the Rich Peoples Elite, or any of the New Tory Nationalists of the National party or any lost Labour careerists. Let's start with John Key sitting opposite an angry poor person. Let the whole thing be filmed but don’t let them out for hours. Let’s see the man behind the mask prepared to stand in front of the machine. I want to see that. There is value in where it breaks down. How weak their characters become. What exactly should we be focusing on? Not the unemployed or unemployment debt. Not lubricating the cogs with conscious objection to the status quo. Simply the knowledge that what we are doing is not right.

Tao Wells 2008

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