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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Nadia Oh

I'm like a drug and you're addicted
It's party time
It's your time

It's the weekend
I'm like a hard drug that'll keep you hooked

so mad drive you insane
now don't you want to say my name

I know your name
I've got your number
i know your game
and now i wonder
if you want me
like i want you
I know your name
I've got your number

this is what dreams are made of

Most beautiful boy
crazyiest skin tone
might be Jamaican
maybe Asian
fuckin amazing
I know he knows has seen this movie before
he know his lines like Tarintino 
Tell myself this boys a halo
really i know that this boy is no bueno
I like this boy but I know he's no bueno

Hot hot girls and
hot hot guys
purple cloud up in the sky
make it stick
yeah lick the paper

I think your shy
I'll show you what to do
I'll be your dog
come to you when you call me
just close your eyes
and dance with me tonight

party on table tops
and do the super model

so unforgetable
so unforgetable
so unforgetable
so unforgetable
so unforgetable
so unforgetable

rollin in the club
it's a happy meal

she's a beauty and a beast
she's phenomenal like an animal
bouncing off the bed and the walls yall

she needs her leash

follow me
take my hand and
follow me

all they want to know is
is that you
is that you
is that you

you got a body that
is hot like wow

I'm that type of girl
Are you that type of boy?
When i say that type of girl
it means I'm as nasty as I wana be
not what you tell me to be
cos I'm an independent girl
and I get what i want
and if I don't get it
it's cos I don't want it

I'm a hustler baby
aint where I'm from
is where I'm about to go

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