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Saturday, December 3, 2011

The rich rip off the system. And call it just business.

You are allowed to rip off the system as long as you make yourself rich. We applaud that. Right? Michael Fay, Bob Jones, and the other beneficiary's of our collective wealth. 
Then there is the other side of life stylers, John is just trying to pay us all back for the welfare we provided when he needed it, same with Paula. They feel so terrible about ripping us off, they want to stop it happening ever again. Make themselves unique, like that Aboriginal Painting with all the Traditional Dots on it.
It's not John Key, or Paula, or Bill or even Shaples, it's a culture that we are addressing, selfishness and bullying are the stable to a diet of greed and it comes dressed in a pigs ear while saying it's silk. 
This is what we have let our institutions become, because we seriously thought that we wouldn't let it go this low, that some one would call out bluff and take responsibility back again, for doing the right thing. 
Thing is, by that stage we had moved the congratulations machine, away from that which needed encouragement to that which would like it. Industry took over unregulated un articulated and the commodity is King, talk to me in marketing. 
Finally a jester risked their neck to mock the kings vanity, they lost their head, no one protected the jester from being detached from the warm body. There was no applause for the terrorist suspects who stand for us all against the tyranny raining down unabated as if humanity amounts to little more than a horses feed bag.

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