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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A Perfect slice of New Zealand. The Union Report 14 May 2012

Issue 1 - What is this dispute actually over, what are the work conditions for Meat Workers like? Issue 2 - How has Tally's behaved since becoming 100% owners of Affco. and Issue 3 - What does it say for NZ's industrial relations when a multi-million dollar family can simply deem to throw a union out of its business? Working is not working, if at the end of the day you'r still a slave to your debt. Talley's just another Fucking Corporation gone sick in the head. Gotta root it out. These are the email contacts for Talley's, why not send them a group email telling them you've noticed what terrible Bosses they are. Start with:, and then BCC:,,,,,,,

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