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Friday, May 11, 2012

To Dick , love you Bro, Songs:Ohia "Division St. Girl" 2002

Division St. Girl

Painted Up division street girl
She's a pretty denim queen
Bird of paradise eyes
Bird of paradise dying eyes (diony-sus)
But i could sight read those slangy lips
I could sight right those hips
And anyway out loud she says
Hey sucker
Are you lonely
Well that's alright
You don't have to say anything
I can always tell when
You lost something big
Something real big
Well we all did
A jukebox in an empty room
Conjures up the blues
They got my song on it
Want to dance
Cause it's just you and me and the gravity
You and me down on division street
And it's like we've landed on the enemy's side
And the other guys all quit
And they left us with nothing when they split
Except the cold and the quiet
And the blues to sing about it

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