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Saturday, August 4, 2012

8$ coat check NY 2010

I was there with White Fungus
and the artist Hye Rym Lee.
I didn't have the money, so she
paid for me
It was early no one was there,
it was like a lounge of someone
who I wouldn't like and they
had all their stuff taken,
and the minimal left was just nothing.

So here I was in this terrible play
in NY, all the way from
Wellington, yet I could find more interesting
places there, and I hate those places, too

Perhaps it was the night before our big event
or the night after, anyway, I remember thinking
how I'm not going to buy a fucking drink in this place
how I was thirsty and that I'd rather be playing
with my two little nieces who I've only just met
for the first time and whose prescence I'll only be able
to enjoy for a short short time.

So I left
 and we played and I have pictures
of holding them over each of my shoulders flying

After our show, or perhaps before, I remember a great mission
we were in Brooklyn this time at the cool of cool
place on the corner, like a little local, but being NY
here everyone is potentially famous. It was like entering your tv
So I'm over dressed cause I've got all my clothing on
wearing layers, taking some off
Carrying an arm load of Gortex, wearing plastic thermals
and some how my camera goes missing out of my jackets top zippered
pocket, and I only realize walking half way to this alienated hardworking artists

guy's house to smoke with him, and I run back through the wet streets 

to the bar, hopelessly, but it's my girl friends brand new camera, i'd borrowed it
I couldn't replace it, and i was a photographer on a world trip.
The bar tender I couldn't read, as if he was a young Mat Damon or something
if he was telling the truth, as he frantically but practiced checked these places where
some how it might be. This must be the most ethically run place in the city if I was
meant to believe how he didn't know where and who had lifted it, that it was probably him
amuses me, Country gets ripped in the city Dustin Holfman, had been my hero,
walking here, I'm walking here.

So we get to his house, and I borrow Marks, of White Fungus's
camera, brilliantly the cheapest digital camera you can buy in this city
3mega pixles possibly, it's a shame you'll never see those pictures
they were good. It was so kind of him to give me his camera for that
period of travel, I don't know how to travel with out scanning the visual events.



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