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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

After Dark with Play boy Barbie, (1969)

After Dark with Play boy Barbie,  (1969)

Clearly a great dancer

Canned Heat - The Drink, Prohibition years, Give you a little buzz, knock off the top of your head. The real living history in swap and hill music, those living in the margins of obscurity reinventing a language to say something, the rest of us are scared of.

Great cleavage.

Hefth, loved one woman, he attempts to love another. Our culture punished him for loving more than one woman. What did the woman actually think. Were they betrayed? Would have things naturally changed and that this change itself was the source of the anxiety and condemnation.

Is it not true that Playboys first move in production was Shakespears Macbeth.

I remember it being brutal, but I suspect it wasn't bloody enough to be a success at the box office. Such restraint for high art, suggests a real appreciation for it. Where is that quality now? Underground?

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