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Saturday, September 15, 2012

A review this week of Parekowhai's piano at Te Papa. It has an extra para near the end which I wish in hindsight hadn't been cut for the Dompost. Had an interesting conversation with Wells Tao about this this week, where he asserted it wasn't a community piano - it being a grand piano. Yet what I like about it is that its a grand piano we all own and should all get to play.

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  • Wells Tao interesting too that it only became your community piano once it was purchased by "our place" a deal so crucial it would suggest it was set up before hand. Nothing wrong with that, I admire his love for dirty deal capitalism and seamless propaganda!
  • Wells Tao There is a strong tradition of art that enjoy's smashing these "community piano's", I look forward to it.
  • Wells Tao Free market ideological radicalism, wrapped up in the guise of Democratic values, a beautifully typical corporate status quo, vision-less beyond profit and totally reliant on an invisible and silent worker whose craft is celebrated but not remunerated.
  • Mark Amery Like an iPhone
  • Wells Tao yep , nothing exceptional going on here.. just same old same old death deals with poverty.
  • Mark Amery As previously discussed: gameplayer, not gamechanger. I have been nursing a bad feeling about not making an issue of the way the crafters are not credited. That we shouldn't have t...See More
  • Mark Amery Was involved in a RNZ panel discussion on art criticism recently and the first question was something like: how does the market effect what you write about art?'. Great first question.
  • Wells Tao What I take significant issue with is a public employee that in not promoting that he is doing his job, we the public who in a very real way have paid for his "success" are left un-remunerated, silent and invisible.
  • Mark Amery Hence the need for the piano to be moved and played around as much as possible, not stashed in the garage like a ferrari. This is a far more positive action than the smashing of it, physically and symbolically. Lets demand it be well used.
  • Wells Tao you'd like the emperors clothes to be paraded around the country... fair enough how ironic
  • Wells Tao I remember an early Letting Space proposal I pitched to you was to use the money to buy a red convertible and install it in the abandoned car yard show room opposite Te Papa.
  • Mark Amery yes! ("fair enough how ironic")
  • Wells Tao Obviously I don't agree. I appreciate That this work and other of his are reverse colonization, and though they pail as objects in significance compared to say, The cutting of One tree hill, or the smashing of the America's cup. The Smashing of this Ferrari Piano would be a step towards it's assumed and promoted cultural nourishment. His "fakery" is interesting but it could be actually good if it would meet something real. His JOB is real.. if he would promote that.. instantly the context for the Ferrari, corporate uni etc.. begins to actually do something.

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