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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

New Zealand Dream - New Zealand Exceptionalism

So at least our RAce relations aren't as bad as they are in Australia, we can be proud of that, not as bad as South Africa, Palestine, Amerixca, JUST WHAT KIND OF REASONING IS THIS. There's no forward cause that kind of progressiveness gets confused with endless growth capitalism. There's no pulling quality from the past cause that is nostalgic utopian idealism, there's no standing still cause those that know even just a little of what's involved can see the Waitangi Tribunal as sticking fingers into a sea wall of trouble. There will of course be unintended consequences... but 1 or 2%, and no land, is not going to cut it. I try to imagine, gov. taking my name away, where and how I live, fighting for 200 odd years, then given 1-2 % of just some of the money involved, that's not peace. That's just the same war, in Australia, IN America, south Africa, Jerusalem, war by other means. That's just the way we do things here in NZ. While South America locals went to war, we roll over. And say.. Well at least we are better than...

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