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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

New Zealanders giving away 45 million dollars

"90% of profit from deep sea drilling will go offshore, 100% risk stays here. Giving them tax breaks to frack NZ is insane." reader..
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  • Dibid Babid typical politician, needs a real job .
    • Wells Tao spot the guy in line for that 10%
    • Dibid Babid sharp as usual Wells, I expect nothing less. However, I just dont see how politicians can sleep at night when they choose to sensationalize stories to score points with nit wits who aint lookin at the bigger economic picture.
    • Dibid Babid Does mr hughes ride a wooden bike and have flax shoes. All very well to call people polluters but what is it they say about people in glass houses'' What does he fill his barbeque up with , hippy farts?
    • Wells Tao sharp as a tack young Dibid, nice, my take on the usual "alternative" as oppose to "opposition" in local politics, maybe international, is that the game is a numbers one. You have the numbers you have the power, now economics funny enough works in, oh yeah, it's surprising how they ARE EXACTLY THE SAME. this crock of old baloney we call government is a piss in the face of concepts that are as plane on the nose of my face, better. So in the contest that is argument, the small buyer/ seller hurls his wears at an indifferent market, already enjoying the spoils of profit thanks to the beneficial influences of fascism on social stability, (after all where does that "security" initially come from , if not you and I agreeing in good society, not to gain our brothers numbers and make raid on said bank vault and recover teh material of what was always our in earning. ( 2nd chapter, beginning of my book)

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