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Tuesday, January 14, 2014


Sunday, January 12, 2014 Steven Cowan Talkback host Mike Hosking has been caught telling porkies again. In 2012 Newstalk ZB' s Mike Hosking declared that he thought that the Government's intention to test beneficiaries for drugs was a simply wonderful idea. He loudly backed Paula Bennett's claim that many beneficiaries weren't ready for paid employment because they were on drugs. Thundered the wealthy Hosking: 'This to my mind is a fundamental breach of the agreement you have with the Government and therefore needs fixing. The fixing will come in the form of your benefit being cut.' Hosking, a man of little knowledge and even less compassion, couldn't actually come up with any evidence that drug-taking beneficiaries were a problem except to say that government was confronting an 'alarming number' ' of beneficiaries who had admitted that they would not pass a drug test. Hosking's claim was as about as reliable as the Minister of Finance's assertion that he had received many complaints from employers in his electorate who had told him 'they often can't employ our own locally unemployed young people because they can't pass a drug test." But now the evidence is in and Mike Hosking is, again, exposed as the lying government toady that he is. The New Zealand Herald has reported that “of the 8,001 beneficiaries sent for jobs requiring drug testing, only 22 tested positive to drug use or refused to take tests.” As John Minto has pointed out, this is 0.27% of all beneficiaries tested. These, ladies and gentlemen, are Mike Hosking's 'alarming numbers'. But will there be an public apology from Hosking to all the beneficiaries he has smeared with his filthy lies? Of course not. He's a wanker and we all know it. In 2014 Hosking will, as one of the new hosts of TVNZ's dreadful Seven Sharp, have a new media outlet to bash beneficiaries and kiss the arse of John Key..

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