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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The accident of day

There's always going to be cops
bothering me, sometimes we are polite to one another, remembering the point of the job
is not to be mean.
There's always going to be dictators, fascist figure head symbol swopping hidden anal delights
there's going to be the sweet liquid of my lover on my fingers
you can't pretend the role doesn't exist. All powerful child dellusion existed
once out of the box there's no going back
You thought it, it existed and at some point some ones done it before\it'll be done again
There's always going to be war, business is war, waged by banks to build walls between that and that, to extract the fee for exchange, stamp fear on one side so the other is more desirable, other people now what ever language they speak speak the language of money, we are strangers no more.
Tragedy, erects its tent in the wind and becomes a sail pulling the whole wedding party into the sea. No language for the accident of day, the poverty of an imagination silencing the intimacy of expression invented out of necessity, the need to talk, stranger walking along side me, where we lie down on the summit of understanding or a true exhaustion.
should we not listen to our superiors, our betters
the rich
have you not been exemplary in your attempts to teach us the way that it really is
the reality principle of material wealth, there written in the wall between us
your display rich person, looking around, I'd say lacked effort, an iota of imagination, a total abundance of inefficient systems that if ever recognized for the job they are doing would be shut down immediately for the bold stupidity of their conscious evolution

look down at your chest, imagine removing part of it, how could you, think of taking off an arm, in the name of peace, cut off your arm, deny that the right to exist. Take off your arm and say "now you no longer exist". I can't do it, not for peace not for anything. I can't ask the devil or the war lord, rich shit sucking arseholes to die. I will
instead point them out, and talk to their best selves
so that we may work together.  All of it has to exist, but the way that is up for grabs

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