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Friday, June 27, 2014

Genuine terrorist behaviour

To all the people who think the oil and gas industry takes all the money offshore. This month I paid enough tax to keep 4 people on a benefit for a month. This is standard month in month out and I am only one worker amoung hundreds. So all you green party loving nimbys with all the facts and figures , F@‪#‎k‬ off and have a cup of realitea
  • Roger Goodman Im right with ya / true facts to the leachers of our modern society / stop ya crying and live
  • Dibid Babid hey rog ,your day rate your probly keeping 100 people on the bene, haha
    • Wells Tao Each of those 100 people are forced on to the benefit, )Or don't take any benefit and live off their rellies) because of your date rate is about 1/100 of your bosses, or his bosses
    • Dibid Babid risk and reward tao, age old theory
    • Dibid Babid No one is forced onto a benefit, you dont have to exist in the modern world, go bush and eat goats and fern root.
    • Wells Tao
  • Kieran Higgins Can u ask for a raise please? I mite need the dole soon, it is riding season after all
  • Dibid Babid Ill raise my foot to your arse ya bludger, if its for snowboarding then im all for it, milk it if ya can grab the teats
  • Kieran Higgins Haha I've been self employed for a few years now brother but fuck those passes etc are expensive these days.thought john key mite wana shout me one
  • Nick Jolly Lmao, us hard rock miners are your poorer cousins. Probably only paying enough tax for 2-3 drop kicks
    • Wells Tao ok I'm feeling the love. So am I getting the message clear that you are the munts that all enjoyed the time fruit of being on the dole, then got bored sould out and now wealthed up wana stop that rain for others in the ignorance that welfare still works like that, as if beneficaries are not a forced to be class, that the job market is generally for the most a recycling of opportnuties to be the working poor, heavily in debt.. for the foreseeable future.
    • Wells Tao
  • Six Onaboat my my dave... have far you have fallen from you idealistic youthfull years on the dole! or is it RAISED up? mind you if i was overpaid with all the time to f around online while on the job i'd probably turn colours and be a john key supporter too! yeah fuck the people who dream of a better world!
    • Dibid Babid Hey mat nice work, Its not that im over paid its the fact I do 84 hrs a week, Ive repaid my dole years more than ten times over, how much tax have you paid in the last ten years bay. as rog says , those who live in glass houses should fuck in the basement.
    • Wells Tao Wow David, you got kids? a Partner? A life with some peace loving balance in it? Or you just a soldier cuz, at war cause master say jump and you say how high.
    • Dibid Babid You know my game tao, you gotta get in to get out.
    • Wells Tao
  • Fletcher Bourke haha payback time..
    • Wells Tao Fletcher, is this a neutral stance. Are you secretly a Socialist Geologist ?
    • Wells Tao
  • Samuel Blogg Dabidabidedabidebabidee!what you up to cuz, still ripping?
  • Chris Blain Yep to true aye babich and we were all once dole blushing snowboard bums , good while it lasted , now 20 years on 3 kids, mortgage and paying bak all that tax and some and still , fuk you john key
  • Chris Murray Move to the Middle East
    • Wells Tao I am confused by this response. Is it an insult, like go get killed, or go be a minority that is hated. Or is it helpful advise, like go get a job, make money, be a mercenary for a Global empire. It is available if you don't mind a burning conscious. All good.
    • Wells Tao
  • Stu Field Do u get free oil and gas ? , it was $14 the other day for a Litre .. Strewth .mind u cheaper than a engine replacement .. I could have given that 14 bux to 28 beggars (50 c is enough for a phonecall , plenty of jobs on oil rigs ) and then that's 112 people sorted on the ub40 .. That belt / wallet arrive yet ?
    • Wells Tao I love this George Orwell romantic picture of the bum, hobo of the beneficiary, so idealistic, Light on his feet, few possessions, certainly no debt, no community responsibilities. Things may have changed here in the real world. Try noticing the working poor. Hows all those options living with debt offering?
    • Wells Tao
  • Kieron Boardman got to love the ability of the green party / peace statisticians they seam to get facts to say what every they want regardless of the raw data trends and established norms.
    • Wells Tao Yeah unlike any other party. Jezuz Struth mate, do you drink coffee or eat bacon! Get some!
    • Wells Tao
  • Six Onaboat oh, mean dave.. you know my self worth is measured by my individual taxable income! self esteem been at an all time low this last decade, reminds me of times sitting in the snow off piste with you, inhaling the natural splender feeling just miserable about ourselves because of inability to contribute to the economy! Actually Flecther Bourke was there, Blainy, Todd Banks too. All feeling miserable! Not Flax though, he's been paying income tax fom his pre teens.. sucker.
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    • Dibid Babid now now mat , get back in your shed , those memories of carefree yesteryear playing in the snow are priceless and wouldnt trade them for a million dollars. We had some epic times. Now hows that time machine coming along in your shed?
    • Wells Tao yeah David, the tax payers called and he wants you to pay for your youth. Oh you are you say, well not enough! How about waking up smelling that bacon, and recognizing that how good you had it is not anywhere in existence now, for those few that dare to take the money for themselves in the first place. In those early years we were just getting a sense of how everything was set to change, that public wealth, public generosity was about to get sould out. Well it is true, that is the name of the game that's being whistled on mass since we were at Boy's High. The game has only gotten tighter, you know that. If we wana stay alive (i.e rip off the machine that is ripping us all) we can still be radical subversives in the sense that we value our selves by fucking it all up, and being damn generous ! Man do you feel it brother - Join us commies in fucking it up!!

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