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Saturday, June 28, 2014

NZ Democracy: 1/3 don't vote, 1/3 National, 1/3 the rest

The real 2011 election results -- Please share far and wide --

Imagine how it could look if we all use our voices on the 20th of September this year.

Enrol to vote here:

( non-fb link: )

EDIT: Hey everyone - there has been some confusion and discussion about how this graph does not add up to the Electoral Commission results for the election. This is true - as those results only include registered voters who did not vote. This graph also takes into account those who are of voting age but did not register to vote - these figures are from Statistics New Zealand population estimates and figures from the general election that quoted:

"Of the estimated 3.3 million people eligible to vote, 93.7% were enrolled – one of the highest enrolment rates in the world (enrolment is compulsory in New Zealand)." Found here:

NON VOTERS = Registered voters who did not vote + People of voting age who did not register to vote. Hope this clears up any confusion.

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