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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Power Oppression Pyramid - Rap News - New World Order

NOTE: This is a critique of an image frequently used by NWO conspiracy advocates to explain how the Illuminati rule society, which encourages us to identify with the oppressed masses at the very bottom of the pyramid. Here's the original:

Bill de Berg proposes a more accurate and honest outline of the power structure of society, asking us to to consider our own place in the pyramid.

NB: The image is not 'to scale': the layers of the pyramid do not necessarily sit in this specific order, indeed they often intersect across gender, class, race, etc; and you may well find it necessary to question the labels and positions of the lower tiers (That's good - reality is too complex for any geometric diagram). The basic point this image seeks to convey is that "we" are not necessarily at the bottom of the pyramid, as we are often encouraged to imagine by NWO-conspiracy proponents. Victims can also be oppressors; and by not recognising our own place in the pyramid or power, we inadvertently support the existence of the very structure of injustice which we seek to end.

* Image created by JRN artist, Zoe Tame

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