Criptic Critic Conscience and Known for it

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

stress is not the enemy, stress is the fuel consumed by creative invention

really throws me
she is repeating
what she hears
in her ear piece

To create the appearance
of clarity
I keep wondering
how do these people
remember these detailed
fact laden speeches.

They are listening to
themselves reading their
college dissertations,
their product/ services pitch

The essay in the ear
is whispered, and timed
so that she can be sure
that as long as she keeps up
the payload will be delivered

She's like an astronaut
strapped to the side of a rocket
pretending to drive it, a puppet
performing information

It's a clever technique to
get around the fact that 99%
of people can not perform very well
can not deliver the payload, understanding

The stress of all the worlds a stage
where rank is decided by articulation ability
Actors that write their own scripts win, using
this technique, even if they are not the 1%.

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