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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Power Oppression Pyramid - Rap News - New World Order

NOTE: This is a critique of an image frequently used by NWO conspiracy advocates to explain how the Illuminati rule society, which encourages us to identify with the oppressed masses at the very bottom of the pyramid. Here's the original:

Bill de Berg proposes a more accurate and honest outline of the power structure of society, asking us to to consider our own place in the pyramid.

NB: The image is not 'to scale': the layers of the pyramid do not necessarily sit in this specific order, indeed they often intersect across gender, class, race, etc; and you may well find it necessary to question the labels and positions of the lower tiers (That's good - reality is too complex for any geometric diagram). The basic point this image seeks to convey is that "we" are not necessarily at the bottom of the pyramid, as we are often encouraged to imagine by NWO-conspiracy proponents. Victims can also be oppressors; and by not recognising our own place in the pyramid or power, we inadvertently support the existence of the very structure of injustice which we seek to end.

* Image created by JRN artist, Zoe Tame

We are the illuminati. We know the truth but prefer lies.

All Oppression is Connected, you Dick! - Stacey Ann Chin

Friday, November 28, 2014

Considering it was taxpayers who bailed out the car industry when the recession hit, now they cant pay back that gratitude with cheap cars so I can keep driving to the appocolyspe

On Facecrack

In 2009,
when these photos
were taken,
U.S. auto sales
were running at barely a 9 million annual rate. Fast-forward to today and,
as we learned
at the beginning of this month,
we are running at an annual rate of more than 16 million autos. That is an improvement of 78 percent.

these photographs do for the most part show unsold automobile inventory in various parts of the world, which hit rather high levels when new car sales badly slumped during the global recession of 2009. But even back then automobile manufacturers weren't churning out product willy-nilly, regardless of demand — the captions to some of those 2009 photographs in their original contexts noted that, for example, "production of cars at Honda in Swindon has been halted for a unprecedented four-month period because of the collapse in global sales and represents the longest continuous halt in production at any UK car plant."

Additionally, it isn't 2009 any more. Although these pictures captured some large overstocks of new cars that were produced just before a huge unanticipated drop in demand, that was a temporary phenomenon from several years ago. British automobile production, for example, has since rebounded to hit a record high in 2013 (with a car being produced every 20 seconds that year) because UK car sales also reached their highest level in the past several years in 2013, with consumers purchasing a total of 2.26 million vehicles:
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Friday, November 21, 2014

Of the Wand & the Moon

Social Portraits Oct. 14

conservative estimate or just completely optimistic

Nearly 36 million people worldwide live as modern-day slaves, a study finds
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  • Wells Tao without a definition of slavery, being articulated as part of the same story, the act of merely mentioning the word has all the slaves in a tissel.
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  • Andrew McDrury Really need a new term for the new problem. Slavery refers to a person held in bondage, bought and sold as property. Why retain such an emotive term for problems that are totally different.
    • Wells Tao you understand that in NZ when a child is born, the gov. pay you a thousand dollars to become a citizen bound to its maintenance... right? Yeah there's not a lot of wiggle room, but there is a severe sliding scale of severity.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

stress is not the enemy, stress is the fuel consumed by creative invention

really throws me
she is repeating
what she hears
in her ear piece

To create the appearance
of clarity
I keep wondering
how do these people
remember these detailed
fact laden speeches.

They are listening to
themselves reading their
college dissertations,
their product/ services pitch

The essay in the ear
is whispered, and timed
so that she can be sure
that as long as she keeps up
the payload will be delivered

She's like an astronaut
strapped to the side of a rocket
pretending to drive it, a puppet
performing information

It's a clever technique to
get around the fact that 99%
of people can not perform very well
can not deliver the payload, understanding

The stress of all the worlds a stage
where rank is decided by articulation ability
Actors that write their own scripts win, using
this technique, even if they are not the 1%.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

New Slaves, by Kanye West

The Future, by Spike Milligan, the year I was born

The young boy stood looking up the road
to the future. In the distance both sides
appeared to converge together. 'That
is due to perspective, when you reach
there the road is as wide as it is here'.
said an old wise man. The young
boy set off on the road, but,
as he went on, both sides of the
road converged untill he could
go no further. He returned to ask
the old man what to do, but
the old man was dead.

Dublin, Jan.  72

Monday, November 10, 2014

Remembering her, Bertolucci said, "Her death came too soon, before I could hold her again tenderly, and tell her that I felt connected to her as on the first day, and for once, to ask her to forgive me."[21] He added, "Maria accused me of having robbed her of her youth and only today am I wondering whether there wasn't some truth to that."[22][23]

Cinematographer Vittorio Storaro had previously worked with Bertolucci on The Conformist and often used an azure hue in the film. Storaro later told a reporter that
"after The Conformist I had a moment of crisis; I was asking myself: what can come after azure?...I did not have the slightest idea that an orange film could be born. We needed another kind of emotion...It was the case of Last Tango.[8]
For Last Tango in Paris, Bertolucci and Storaro took inspiration from Bacon's paintings by using "rich oranges, light and cool grays, icy whites, and occasional reds combine[d] with Bertolucci's own tasteful choices of soft browns, blond browns, and delicate whites with bluish and pink shadings.

"I'm still struggling for the image of women in film and I'm still working, not as much as I would like to because for a woman in her late forties, it's hard to find work. Not only in France. I had a chat with Angelica Huston last year. We spoke about the same problem, you know. I don't know where it comes from? The writers, the producers, or the directors. But I think it's a pity even for the public. We get a response to see a mature woman in film "  -

Maria Schneider 



The song "Maria" from the 2012 album Banga by Patti Smith was written in memory of Schneider.



Year Film English Translation/
Also Known As
Role Language
1969 Les Femmes
cameo appearance French
L'Arbre de Noël The Christmas Tree cameo appearance French
1970 Madly

1971 Les jambes en l'air a.k.a: César Grandblaise Sarah Grandblaise French
1972 Hellé
Nicole French
La Vieille Fille The Old Maid Mome French, German
What a Flash!
cameo appearance French
Ultimo tango a Parigi Last Tango in Paris Jeanne French, English
1973 Cari genitori Dear Parents Antonia Italian, English
Reigen (de) Dance Of Love Das süße Mädel German
1975 La Baby Sitter Scar Tissue Michèle English
Professione: reporter The Passenger The Girl English, German, Spanish
1977 Violanta
Laura French
1978 Voyage au jardin des morts
Hypolyte French
Io sono mia I Belong To Me Suna Spanish
1979 La Dérobade Memoirs of a French Whore Maloup French
Een vrouw als Eva A Woman Like Eve Liliane Dutch
1980 Weiße Reise White Travel
Haine Hate
Mama Dracula Mother Dracula Nancy Hawaii French, English
1981 Une saison de paix à Paris a.k.a: Sezona mira u Parizu Elen French, Serbian
La chanson du mal aimé

Leo English
1982 Cercasi Gesù Looking For Jesus
a.k.a: L'imposteur
Francesca Italian
Balles perdues Stray Bullets Véra French
1984 Princess & The Photographer a.k.a: Yoroppa tokkyu
English, Japanese
1987 Résidence surveillée
Céline Fontaine French
1989 Bunker Palace Hôtel
1991 The Conviction

Écrans de sable
Sarah French
1992 Au pays des Juliets In the Country of Juliets Raissa
Les Nuits fauves Savage Nights Noria French
1996 Jane Eyre
Bertha English
1998 Something to Believe In

2000 Les Acteurs The Actors herself French
2002 La Repentie The Repentant
2004 Au large de Bad Ragaz

2006 Perds pas la boule!
Thelda French
Quale amore

2007 La Vie d'artiste The Life Of The Artist cameo appearance French
La Clef The Key Solange French
2008 Cliente Client Marie-Hélène French

TV Series

  • 1984: Buio nella valle (TV mini-series)
  • 1985: A Song for Europe (TV movie)
  • 1987: Résidence surveillée
  • 1987: L'or noir de Lornac (TV series)
  • 1988: Silvia è sola (TV movie)
  • 1993: Contrôle d'identité (TV movie)
  • 1995: Navarro (TV series) (as Samira in one episode, L'ombre d'un père)
  • 1998: Angelo nero (TV movie), 1998
  • 1998: Il cuore e la spada (TV movie), (Queen Maga of Ireland)
  • 2004: Maigret (TV series)
  • 2008: A.D. La guerre de l'ombre (TV mini-series)


Maria Schneider RIP

LAST TANGO IN PARIS was the hottest film of 1972 this side of the XXX hits DEEP THROAT and BEHIND THE GREEN DOOR. Audiences were enthralled by the full-frontal nude scenes between the cinema icon Marlon Brando and the lithe ingenue Maria Schneider. The young actress was a protege of Brigitte Bardot. Nothing in the script had forewarned the 20 year-old about an improvised sex duet with Brando during which he greased her naked flesh with butter in preparation for anal sex.
The sex was faked, but Schneider’s tears were real, for in her words, “I felt humiliated and to be honest, I felt a little raped, both by Marlon and by Bertolucci. After the scene, Marlon didn’t console me or apologize. Thankfully, there was just one take.”
Her salary for the entire film was $4000.
No one paid Schneider for the everlasting infamy, for LAST TANGO IN PARIS enraged audiences around the world. New York critics labelled the film ‘pornography’. Protesters fought with movie-goers in New Jersey and church leaders descried the film the end of morality. The director and Brando were awarded Oscars for LAST TANGO, despite the controversy. Few people worried about the effects of Bertolucci’s brutal treatment of his lead actress.
Schneider struggled throughout the 70s with by drug addiction, overdoses, and a suicide attempt. She was lucky to have survived that period and her career lasted into the 90s, although the Frenchwoman never attained the acclaim of LAST TANGO IN PARIS. I saw the film at the Orson Welles Theater. I fantasized about sex with Maria Schneider for months, even after she declared herself as bisexual. Actually that statement might have rekindled my interests, however our paths never crossed in the following decades. I mourn her passing and hope that she is at rest.
Her beauty will be another light in the stars.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

White Fungus to appear on National Party Television

The SEVEN SHARP audience is around half a million. That's a pretty high proportion of the total number of New Zealanders. I'm really looking forward to this.