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Friday, February 6, 2015

the unconscious aspect of work, the escape,

Wells Tao
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the unconscious aspect of work, the escape, I accept that but I also see how it is abused. Our need to escape overrides our need to take responsibility for what ever it is that we are making. Beuy's calling it 'art' tried to bring this to awareness, this normal thing we participate in is actually a creation, held together by our desire to escape it. First step after 'everything is art', & "everyone is an artist' is notice what you are making, and who your audience is. Second step is to renounce unconscious passivity in this behavior and seek to articulate what exactly it is your practice of art is of. More steps later...
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Barry Thomas and unpack the economies at work within each and every work.workplace/industrial goal. Then oblige oneself to ask... what am I 'paying' for this work? what are the social environmental, cultural and even familial/personal costs. Then how can I reduce this burden...
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Wells Tao step 3.
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