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Thursday, November 5, 2015

I got a job today, pouring expired bottles of 'mineral' water, back into a river. It is a ship load bought by the Ministry of Social Welfare and they've agreed to pay me under the table.

Matthew George Richard Ward
Matthew George Richard Ward heart emoticon
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Lyn Milne
Lyn Milne Way to go Wells , why are they pouring it back
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Matt Loveridge
Matt Loveridge That's not a real job. Your not paying any PAYE.
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Wells Tao
Wells Tao another one of those invisible jobs
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Bee Bogan
Bee Bogan wa? loco desu
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Matt Loveridge
Matt Loveridge I read somewhere you don't recycle on principle...because its a myth. Even Wells Tao has his price.
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Tina Zucchini
Tina Zucchini A deeply sad and artistic gesture
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Wham Scordatura
Wham Scordatura Forgive my naivete, this post amused me like it was satire.
Are they really doing this, a degree of this, or are you just being silly?
Either way, I laughed, so I had a good time.
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Andy Lukey
Andy Lukey Are you extracting thousand year old kauri trees while you at it and shooting endangered wildlife for dinner?
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Peter Mitchell
Peter Mitchell there is no ministry of social welfare, there has never been a ministry of social welfar, there has always been a ministry of social development.
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Charle Farnell
Charle Farnell Gee Peter Mitchell, you are a yung un. The Ministry of Social Welfare existed before the to me, recent, Ministry of Social Development
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Koru Tao
Koru Tao Yep everything eventually changes like social welfare department which is now called
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Gillian Christian
Gillian Christian Really?
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