Criptic Critic Conscience and Known for it

Friday, November 13, 2015

My appologies, Mr Cave. But I do believe you've been lead astray. Hear the true voice of rebellion in full youth of its eloquence, eternal

Says a man who worships at your alter, loves your work.
You are my Tom Waits, my P.J Harvey, my favorite Aussie velvet underground. 
I never got your circus imagery, I thought they were contrived and uninspired.
But you had something else, something I don't know you know what it was.
Cause it was bigger than the sum of it's parts.
You couldn't do an autopsy on it, or maybe you could.
You have I know, I heard you on your autobiography infomercial movie I watched for free online at some guys house I was visiting with friends.
I mean the only time someone puts out a question mark about themselves and the world, is when they know they are beginning to stink, from a lack of traction, could be a good thing.
Was for me, advice to self
Whoa, you can only slide for so long, before, the fat starts to stick, and burn.
I wrote about it, did you read it? 

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